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Places to visit near Cork in Ireland

Cork, in Ireland, is the second most populous city in the country. However, it has something in its atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in a town. Perhaps it is the warmth of its people, or the unique appeal of its landscapes. Whatever it is, there you feel easily entertained and comfortable. The city was built on an islet in the Lee River.

Cástulo: the jewel of Iberian archeology

The site of the Ibero-Roman city of Cástulo is located in Linares (Jaén), next to the Guadalimar River and on the La Muela plateau. This was the capital of Oretania and its wealth made it a reason for disputes between Romans and Carthaginians. Do you dare to know it? Cástulo: the desired city Cástulo has among its walls 4000 years of history that span from Prehistory (III millennium BC.

48 hours in Madrid, a perfect getaway

The Spanish capital has much to offer us. It would take several days to get to know it in depth, but 48 hours in Madrid will help you discover its fantastic atmosphere and its most interesting corners. We propose a two-day tour of the main attractions of this beautiful city.

The cheapest beaches in Mexico and away from tourism

Enjoying the beaches of Mexico is reason enough to undertake a trip to this country. In fact, some of its beaches are the most visited in the entire continent, and even in the world. Those, of course, are the most expensive and massive. But there are others much cheaper and with fewer crowds that can be real discoveries for the traveler.

4 routes to explore the Thousand Lakes Region

Finland is one of the most precious places on our planet and the Thousand Lakes Region is a good example of this. Islands, lakes, rivers and canals intermingle with the thick vegetation to give way to this natural spectacle unique in its style. Would you like to know the Thousand Lakes Region?

Brasilia Cathedral: a unique design

Brasilia Cathedral is the great architectural jewel of the capital of Brazil. In principle, cathedrals in large cities are almost always treasures of their heritage. But it is also true that they are usually very old buildings. However, it is not so in the case of the Brasilia temple. This cathedral is a construction of the mid-twentieth century.

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Blackbeard's Castle in the Virgin Islands

Do you sound the Virgin Islands? Perhaps you know how to locate in the Caribbean, which means great beaches and a paradisiacal climate. It is not the only relationship with paradises, they are also from a fiscal point of view. But in addition, the Virgin Islands have a rich historical heritage, in which Blackbeard's castle stands out.

Henry Matisse: the life and work of this French painter

Henry Matisse was a French painter, maximum representative of the pictorial movement called Fauvism. Next, we discover everything you need to know about his life and artistic career, as well as where to see some of his most important works. Can you come with us? A few strokes of the life of Henry Matisse Henry Matisse was born in Le Cateau-Cambrésis in 1869 and twenty years later, when he was convalescent of appendicitis and his mother took him several elements to paint, he began his artistic career.

The banks of the Nile: trip to Ancient Egypt

The Nile is the real raison d'être of present-day Egypt and especially of the ancient, the mythical, that of the pharaohs and the pyramids. The great artery through which life circulated and on whose banks we can discover the remains of that enigmatic civilization. For that reason, today the Nile cruise, in multiple variants, is an activity that tens of thousands of tourists want to do every year.

4 villages that live in the sea

The sea is an inhospitable environment for man and yet man has an incredible capacity for adaptation. That is why it is not strange that there have been people who for centuries have not only lived with the seas and oceans, but have even made them their habitat. They are the towns that live in the sea, of which ethnic groups still survive, that coincidentally are concentrated in the area of ​​Southeast Asia.

Melekeok in the Palau Islands. What awaits you there?

We go to the Palau Islands, one of the 14 island countries that are part of the Federated States of Micronesia. We will visit Melekeok, a state that is part of the island of Babeldaob, the largest of the Palau. What does this place have to be the state capital and seat of the national government?

The 7 best destinations to travel with children in 2016

Going on vacation with children is, without a doubt, a great adventure. You need to organize everything in detail so that nothing goes wrong. Many think that traveling with children is a utopia ... that is because they did not read this article where we tell you the 7 best destinations to go as a family this 2016. To pack your bags, it has been said!

We cross Fenghuang, the Chinese Venice

We love exotic destinations and Fenghuang, considered by many the "Chinese Venice", is a place that does not disappoint at all. In its translation, the name of the city means "Chinese Phoenix", one of the most prominent symbols of its culture. Let's meet her Are you coming? Fenghuang, the phoenix of China When you arrive in Fenghuang you think that instead of having traveled so many kilometers from your home ... You have made a trip to the past!

The city of Punta Arenas in the Magallanes region

Punta Arenas is the most populous and cosmopolitan city in Chilean Patagonia. It is located on the continental bank of the Strait of Magellan. This position has given it a relevant role in world and regional history, as it is a forced port to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific. But in 1914, with the opening of the Panama Canal, its prominence was waning.

7 most amazing coffee shops in the world

It does not matter the city where we are, whether we are on vacation, on a business trip or in our place of residence. Finding different coffee shops to drink a coffee is one of the most popular traditions of the 5 continents. There are places where you can not stop entering and order a delicious coffee.

What to see and do in Figueres, the city of Dalí

Figueres, the birthplace of the genius Salvador Dalí, is one of the most interesting places in Girona. It houses many attractions such as the Dalinian itinerary and its extraordinary strength. This city with strong Catalan roots completes its cultural offer with several important museums amid modernist buildings.

Why is La Concha beach so famous?

The image of La Concha beach, in San Sebastián, is unmistakable. Known throughout the Spanish territory and in many other places in the world, why has it achieved that fame? What is special about La Concha beach? Let's find out! Let's get to know La Concha beach La Concha beach - asife With its rounded shape, it is located in the bay of La Concha, hence its name.

What you should keep in mind to travel to Belarus

Are you thinking of traveling to Belarus? It is one of the most unknown countries in Europe. Since leaving the USSR, it is governed by a military dictatorship, a system that keeps the country far from the West. That estrangement and ignorance cause many legends about him.