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We visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp

Despite the horror story it contains, we cannot deny that this concentration camp is part of the history of mankind, and that visiting it is essential to know where we come from, where we have arrived and how to improve to get where we go . We talked about the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, a visit not suitable for hypersensitive people.

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Lampa, the pink city of Peru on the shores of Lake Titicaca

The city of Lampa has its origin in 1678. That is the year in which the Jesuit Francisco Goyzueta founded it by order of King Carlos II. He does it with the name of Santiago de Lampa, saint who since then is the patron of this municipality and whose holiday is celebrated on July 25. Its name comes from the Aymara word Lampaya, a very abundant tree in the area and is also known as queñual.

Nordik Spa Nature: escape to an Ottawa spa

The Nordik Spa Nature has become one of the biggest complaints for tourists visiting Ottawa. The reason? There is the largest outdoor spa in all of North America. A space dedicated to pleasure, relaxation and health. A place where everyone who visits it comes out better than enters. That is a most compelling reason to enjoy it in the first person.

Meet the town of Ezcaray, a very picturesque place

The town of Ezcaray is one of the most beautiful in La Rioja. A town with a lot of history and an incredible natural environment to enjoy a thousand different ways. Don't you know him Then come with us to discover this little treasure. Ezcaray, a town worth visiting One of the reasons why Ezcaray is best known is because it is located very close to the Valdezcaray ski resort.

Travel to the monumental city of Baeza and fall in love

The monumental city of Baeza is one of the jewels of the province of Jaén. For now, we are going to mention some of the awards it has so you can get an idea of ​​its spectacularity. It is National Historic-Artistic Ensemble. It is the Exemplary City of the Renaissance for the European Union. And it is a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The Chinese dragon, an essential part of the culture in China

The figure of the Chinese dragon is omnipresent in the history, culture and traditions of the great Asian country. In China, this mythological creature is more than the protagonist of legends, it is a being that is really believed and to which supernatural powers are attributed. However, those powers are different from those that the dragons of Western culture treasure.

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4 corners of Strasbourg that you should not overlook

Strasbourg is the beautiful capital of the Alsace region. Characterized by its beautiful medieval architecture and the channels that cross it, it is connected by a bridge with the German city of Kehl. This proximity to the neighboring country and its history make it considered half French half German.

A walk through Ponferrada, crossroads

Ponferrada is the capital of the Leon region of El Bierzo and a city with a lot of history. Its historical center is of Cultural Interest and reaches a magnificent castle founded by the Templars. It also constitutes one of the initial stages of the Camino de Santiago as it passes through the province of León.

We visited Cardona, a medieval treasure in Barcelona

A salt deposit turned Cardona into a privileged town. For centuries it is known as the town of salt, dominated by a castle and a medieval past that is breathed in each of its corners. It highlights its historic center, which has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest. Today we are going to meet this beautiful villa.

Philippine Islands, paradise and amazing site

The Philippines, also known as the Philippine Islands, is a country located in Southeast Asia, in the Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago that has 7107 islands classified in three groups: the island of Luzon, the group of the Visayas and the island of Mindanao. The Philippine Islands have a tropical climate that makes it a prone place to suffer typhoons, volcanic floods and earthquakes.

Blackbeard's Castle in the Virgin Islands

Do you sound the Virgin Islands? Perhaps you know how to locate in the Caribbean, which means great beaches and a paradisiacal climate. It is not the only relationship with paradises, they are also from a fiscal point of view. But in addition, the Virgin Islands have a rich historical heritage, in which Blackbeard's castle stands out.

Learn how home exchanges are on vacation

It is an interesting alternative for those who want to travel in a different and, above all, cheap way. For a few years, home exchanges have become another way of looking for holiday accommodation. How is it done? Is it a reliable option? We tell you everything! House exchanges: how they work Basically, it consists of two people from different places agree to leave their home to each other during specific dates.

A trip to the historic city of Kingston in Canada

Between Montreal and Toronto, two of Canada's big cities, is one of the oldest cities in the country. The city of Kingston is an ideal destination for a different vacation, enjoying the scenery and history. What awaits you if you dare to travel here? Find out! The city of Kingston, the great unknown of Canada If we think of traveling to Canada, images of Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto may come to mind.

Krivoklat, one of the most beautiful castles in Bohemia

It is not only the most beautiful castles that can be found in the Czech Republic ... but also the oldest in Central Bohemia! Located just 30 kilometers from Prague, today we visit Krivoklat, built in the 13th century between forests and a river. Krivoklat, the strategic castle The forested area that houses Krivoklat Castle is over 600 km² and runs on both sides of the Berounka River.

Visit the panoramic terrace of the Duomo of Milan

If we talk about Milan, there is a monument that stands out above the rest: its cathedral. Visiting its interior is essential. But there is much more, it is worth going up to the panoramic terrace of the Duomo of Milan. Which is the reason? From it you can admire views that are overwhelmed by its beauty.

Hiking trail through the three lakes of Tristaina in Andorra

Its ski slopes, its shops with low prices ... Andorra is famous for that and much more. On this occasion, we look for the beauty of its landscapes. We run away from the noise and the hustle to get lost in the middle of nature. We will enjoy one of the best excursions that can be done in Andorra, that of the three lakes of Tristaina.

Guide of the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar de Zaragoza

If there is a building with which Zaragoza is identified, that, without a doubt, is the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, or simply El Pilar. as the hands call it. This is a great and most attractive temple. Of course for its artistic values, but also for devotion, as it is one of the most visited Marian shrines in the world.

Restaurants to eat near the wall of Avila

ÁVila is a wonderful city, and not only for its monuments, but also for its delicious cuisine. As sure that after going through its streets and points of interest you get hungry, we will show you some places where you can eat near the wall of Ávila. Eating near the wall of Ávila: some ideas In Ávila it is almost impossible to eat badly and, if you like meat, here you will enjoy a lot.