A tourist trip through Cantabria: essential stops

A tourist trip through Cantabria offers you everything you can look for in a getaway. It has sea and has mountain. It has a large and well-known city and small towns to discover. And it has great tourist attractions as different as Sardinero beach, Cabárceno Natural Park or Altamira caves.

Definitely, Cantabria likes all kinds of peopleProof of this are the thousands of tourists who travel every year. In front of so many outstanding corners, we offer you a small selection, so that you can make the most of your tourist trip through Cantabria.

Santander, the capital of Cantabria

Palace of the Magdalena

The capital of Cantabria is the most populous city in the region. With an exit to the Cantabrian Sea, Santander has El Sardinero beach as its main attraction In the summer months. Nearby is the palace of La Magdalena, a majestic building with spectacular views.

Y, if you want to enjoy another unparalleled panorama, approach the lighthouse of Cabo Mayor, you will see how the sea breaks strongly on the cliffs. During your visit, take advantage and go to the restaurant bar next to the parking lot to eat the best squid.

Back to the town center, stop at the cathedral, remodeled several times during history after finishing its construction in the fourteenth century. Another emblem of the city is the Plaza Porticada. And, in the most avant-garde section, it is worth mentioning the Botín Center, a building that attracts attention next to the promenade.

The beauty of Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar

For many it is considered the most beautiful town in Spain, and there are several reasons to consider it that way. Its cobbled streets will make you travel to past times, as will their balconies full of flowers. In Santillana del Mar you have to visit the collegiate church, the biggest reflection of the Romanesque style in Cantabria.

There are many more jewels of this municipality, and we recommend that you know them all. But there is one that deserves special mention, the temple of rock art in Spain. Here are the caves of Altamira, where paintings of bison, horses and other animals made at least 17,000 years ago were found.

The visit to the cave is very controlled and limited. But you can know everything about her at the Altamira Museum. There you can visit the Neocueva, a very rigorous three-dimensional reproduction of a part of the Altamira caves.

Comillas, a whim in Cantabria

Palace of Sobrellano

If Santillana del Mar is considered the most beautiful town in the country by many, Comillas is not far away. Its architectural wealth makes it an essential stop on a tourist trip through Cantabria. On a walk through the streets of its historic center you can see the Constitution Square, surrounded by beautiful buildings.

In Comillas Other places stand out, such as the Sobrellano Palace, the University or the beach. But there is a special place: its cemetery. A cemetery on a promontory facing the sea where you will see very valuable sculptures, such as that of The exterminating angel.

If you visit Comillas, you have to know El Capricho, a wonderful work by Gaudí. This construction was one of the first of the architect and with it already advanced later modernism.

Potes, nature on a tourist trip through Cantabria

Pots View

To know the green part of Cantabria, the best destination is the town of Potes. Surrounded by mountains, the town sits on a river that leaves beautiful views with its stone bridges. Among other things you will know the church of San Vicente, in Gothic style, and the Infantado tower.

In the most natural section, Potes It is the entrance town to the Picos de Europa. You can establish from there many routes to know the wealth of this national park.

The Cabárceno Nature Park

Cabárceno Park - unaCasaEcologica.com / Flickr.com

If you want to know a different zoo, you have to visit the Cabárceno Nature Park, very close to Santander. In this place the conservation processes of animals in danger of extinction are investigated.

The natural environment of the park will leave you with your mouth open and even more the true protagonists, which are the animals. The variety of species is very wide, because there are giraffes, elephants, gorillas or bison among other species.

As you see, a tourist trip through Cantabria can give for much more than a getaway, you can give for a very complete vacation. Are you going to think about it?

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