Take a trip in Barcelona in 15 days

We will enjoy a most special excursion through Barcelona. We will visit the city and its surroundings for 15 days in which boredom will be miles away. Are you ready to have a great time? Take note of everything you can do in Barcelona!

15 days excursion in Barcelona

Barcelona from the Güell park

In fifteen days You will have the opportunity to quietly enjoy the city of Barcelona, considered one of the most beautiful in Spain and Europe. But you can also enjoy the beauty of some of the towns in the province and corners full of magic.

Do not forget that Barcelona is still a province located on the shores of the Mediterranean and, therefore, a very suggestive destination if we are looking for a beach and sun holiday. But next to all this We have history, culture and interesting tours. Which are? Here we go!

A few days in the city of Barcelona

We will begin our excursion through Barcelona in its capital. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and also the most tourist. Here you have to spend 3-4 days minimum. At least one day we will spend it on the beach and the seaport.

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But in our excursion through Barcelona there is much more. A tour of the jewels of modernism is essential. It was an architectural movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries of which there are magnificent examples in the city.

The greatest exponent of that movement was the architect Antoni Gaudí. From its ingenuity, spaces as beautiful as Güell Park and buildings as impressive as the famous Sagrada Familia were born. Places that, of course, we will visit, along with others such as La Pedrera or Casa Batlló.

The tour of Barcelona in search of its modernist art will easily take us another day. Behind this, You have to give a walk on the Ramblas, tour the Gothic quarter and visit the cathedral or the square of Sant Jaume.

We will also visit the most cosmopolitan area of ​​Barcelona and know its famous Agbar tower. And of course, you have to reserve time to visit some of the city's museums, among them the Picasso Museum, the National of Catalonia and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Fifth day: Barcelona from above

Barcelona from Tibidabo - Francesco / Flickr.com

About to leave the city of Barcelona, ​​we cannot miss the opportunity to see it from above. For example, we can enjoy ideal views in Montjuïc.

You can climb on foot or by cable car. At the top the castle awaits us and a great panorama of Barcelona, ​​with the Mediterranean Sea bathing it. We can also tour the Olympic Ring or visit the Spanish Village, with reproductions of unique buildings in Spain.

With this, There is another option to enjoy Barcelona from a bird's eye view: ascend to Tibidabo, the second most emblematic mountain in the city. You can go up by funicular and visit the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or have fun at the amusement park.

Last days of travel

In the remaining days of the excursion through Barcelona, ​​the possibilities multiply. Everything will depend largely on what we are looking for: cultural tourism, beach, fun ... There are many attractions and it is impossible to see them all in a few days.


For those looking for sun and beach, a good place is Sitges. It is a town located 40 kilometers from Barcelona. Famous for hosting a famous film festival, it is also known for its beaches and its gay atmosphere.

As well we advise you to visit Santa Coloma de Cervelló. There it is possible to visit Colonia Güell, another of the great examples of Gaudí's architecture. And it is one step away from the city of Barcelona.

Inland, one of the visits that cannot be overlooked is Montserrat, with its monastery and its infarct landscapes.

And finally, do not miss towns like The Fountains of Llobregat. This is a perfect place to enjoy nature in its waterfalls. It is also worth visiting the Sau-Collsacabra valley and the beaches of El Maresme. These options are more of nature, but you will also love them.

Everything that surrounds Barcelona is ideal! Be it beaches, landscapes, monuments or wonderful urban environments. We are sure that your vacation here will be unforgettable. What do you think? You are ready?

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