Discover the most unique buildings in the world

Architecture is something that many people do not give great importance, but each time has been gaining more and more boom. So much so, that there are hundreds of buildings that compete to be the most striking. Today We are going to introduce you to the most unique buildings in the world, the boldest, those in which it is impossible not to notice.

The most unique buildings you can imagine

As we said, there are many beautiful and strange buildings that exist, although some of them break molds, are really different. We are going to talk about those. You are ready?

Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

Crooked House

In Poland we find this house that represents an image that It will make you think you're getting dizzy. Curved lines, sinuous shapes and a completely asymmetrical appearance. In addition, its colors are very attractive, which makes it a place that does not go unnoticed at all.

It is only two stories high, but it has earned a deserved position in this list of the most unique buildings in the world. What do you think? By the way, you can visit because it houses a shopping center.

El Tornillo, Panama City

Tornillo Building

In the center of Panama City, a building is erected that does not hide what it was intended to simulate, a screw. It has been the scene of movies and some video clips, like the one Enrique Iglesias recorded in the city.

It was built to be owned by one of the most prominent banks in the country, but an embargo due to plagiarism of the design made it almost disappear. He was rescued by a tycoon who turned it into an office building.

TV Headquarters, Beijing, China

Chinese Television Building

This strange building with a strange geometric shape was inaugurated in 2008. It has more than 234 meters and 44 floors. It has an irregular shape leaving an open space between its plants. Its construction was a problem, being done in a seismic zone.

Obviously, something as original and different in a city as big as Beijing gave a lot to talk about. It didn't take long to give him a nickname, "kùchà", which means "big underwear." Surely the architect was not very funny ...

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands - Vichy Deal

It is one of the most unique and tall buildings in the city of Singapore. It has the peculiarity that its top is shaped like a ship and there is one of the most impressive pools in the world. Not only because of its length, which is shocking, but because of its situation, which makes you feel like you're going to fall into the void.

All this not to mention the views from which you can enjoy from its highest point, an incredible panorama of Singapore and everything that it hides.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum - badcrc /

Since its headquarters opened in Bilbao, it has been one of the world's favorite buildings. Its innovative design is the work of Frank Gehry. When we think of a museum, a construction of such characteristics with curvilinear and asymmetrical shapes would not come to mind at all.

The glass curtains and titanium plates have just given the modern touch. An avant-garde design that the art that houses inside deserves.

«Cities have to have icons. Libraries, hospitals, museums. In a hundred years people will see them and say: 'What is that?' And he will think: it is art. »

-Frank Gehry-

Fish Building, Hyderabad, India

Fish Building

In India is this original horizontal fish-shaped building and large. It opened in 2012 and had a cost of three million euros, an excessive amount taking into account the situation in the country.

It is used as the headquarters of the National Fisheries Development Council, so no other building could represent it better. Don't you think

Casa Batlló, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Casa Batlló

On the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​this work of art by Gaudí, the architect of modernism, curved lines and colored tiles. Even if you didn't know what it is, when you passed it you would be stunned, because It stands out from the other buildings for its shapes and colors.

Some will catch you more by hand than others, but We advise you to visit the ones you can from this list of the most unique buildings in the world. Have you already taken good note of all of them?

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