Tips for traveling to Barcelona with little money

The truth is that it is not easy to visit Barcelona with little money. The Catalan capital is focused on tourism thanks to its many cultural and leisure attractions. Something that leads to a price increase in many of those places of interest. However, with a little preparation it is also possible to save some money and ensure that the trip to Barcelona does not become a ruin.

A key to visiting Barcelona with little money

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A little later we will give you concrete tips to save during your stay in the Catalan capital. But the truth is that there is one key: if you want not to spend excessively you have to select what things to see in Barcelona and what not.

Let's give an example, If you want to know the famous Catalan modernism without ruining yourself, decide which monument to visit inside (Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Parque Güell, Sagrada Familia ...) All is impossible because they are expensive visits and there is no unit bonus for them.

In short, that to travel to Barcelona with little money it is essential to inform yourself before the trip to make a plan of what you will visit and what you will not, and so you will square your budget. Where to find Barcelona tourist information? It is clear on, where we have dedicated numerous articles to Barcelona.

Save on transportation

Tram in Barcelona - Jose Gonzalo Vivas

This city is huge and to visit it in depth it is essential to resort to public transport and move quickly from one point to another. It can be done by taxi, which is not the cheapest option, but above all,you have to travel by bus, tram or subway.

And for that there are bonuses for a day or several that allow you to climb on them infinitely. The purchase of these cards is one of the first things that everyone who wants to travel to Barcelona with little money should do.

Save on accommodation

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Another point in which to reduce our budget is also in the matter of accommodation. In this aspect, the city offers countless alternatives For all pockets.

Ever We have already talked about what is the collaborative economy applied to tourism. Well, Barcelona is a very advantageous destination to apply using digital platforms that can provide us with very interesting hosting or exchanges. Mind you, make sure everything is legal.

Cheap trips to Barcelona

Barcelona Airport - Victor /

Barcelona can be reached by land, sea and air. An important road network is available by land and also of railways. By sea, the truth is that the vast majority of travelers arriving in Barcelona by sea do so on cruises with closed prices.

And finally, all the major airlines land at the Prat airport. However, if you want to save with a flight low cost, you can also reach the airports of Girona or Reus. Of course, then we must add the displacement to the big city.

Save in the museums of Barcelona

Joan Miró Foundation - Barcelona Smart Moving /

Among the most prominent attractions of the city are its museums. They are not cheap, but there are ways to get in for free. Check each one to know when they allow free access and what discounts they offer.

The National Museum of Art of Catalonia allows free entry the first Sunday of the month. And similar offers have others such as the Picasso Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona.

Walking is free in Barcelona


One of the tourist activities par excellence is to walk slowly in a city that we want to discover. And in Barcelona, ​​as in any other destination, that is still free. And in addition to free, it is a real pleasure. For example, take the typical walk along the Ramblas feeling the continuous animation of this place.

Equally, you have to walk through the Gothic Quarter reaching its most famous squares and churches, such as the literary Cathedral of the Sea. Or, you have to take a walk along the Paseo de Gracia.

And if we get tired of walking, there is also another free activity for everyone who wants to enjoy Barcelona with little money. You can always go to Barceloneta beach, to lie on the sand or take a dip in the Mediterranean.

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