Gustav Klimt, one of the great modernist painters

When you read the name of this famous painter, you may not remember who he is, but if we tell you about his masterpiece, The kissSurely you already know who we are talking about.We want to deepen the figure and work of Gustav Klimt, one of the greatest representatives of symbolism.

Who was Gustav Klimt?

Gustav Klimt was born in Austria in 1862 and was one of the pioneers of the modernist movement. He was the second of seven children, who showed very marked artistic tendencies, which they apparently inherited from their father, Ernst Klimt. Interestingly, Gustav lived a childhood mired in poverty.

Gustav Klimt

However, at the age of fourteen everything changed. At that age He got a scholarship to study at one of the most prestigious arts and crafts schools in Vienna, theKunstgewerbeschule.There he received the necessary preparation to be a painter and interior decorator. It was then that he began to really demonstrate his artistic gifts.

His brother, who was also admitted to the same school, collaborated with him doing artistic works. But nevertheless, Gustav soon began his solo career as an interior painter, in which he showed his enormous talent.

In fact, just twelve years after his admission to the Vienna school he received the Gold Order of Merit for his murals in the city's Burgtheater. As well He was appointed honorary member of the universities of Munich and Vienna.

Klimt was already stomping in the artistic field and managed to live off it. In fact, it is something that influenced his career, allowing him to develop his own personal style, which we know today.

«I am a painter who paints day after day from morning to night. Anyone who wants to know something about me should look carefully at my pictures. »

-Gustav Klimt-

Some of Gustav Klimt's most famous works

The kiss

It was impossible to start this list in another way. This work was different from everything in its time, but it was the moment when new avant-garde began to emerge, something Gustav Klimt took advantage of. Modernism, symbolism and pointillism applied to the work made it the focus of all art connoisseurs.

If there is any work that reflects how the artist was, without a doubt, it is this. Klimt was involved in constant love affairs outside of his marriage and This work reflects that sensuality and eroticism that seems so much yearned for.

The park

Pointillism was one of the most used techniques by the artist, although he did not use it to show perfection, as in the case of other artists of the time, but let his creativity flow. This is demonstrated very well in this absorbing work, in which once you have your eyes on it you will not be able to stop looking at it.

The three ages of women

With a similar trend to the table of The kiss, this symbolist work is presented in which the great human issues are fused with personal emotions. This painting shows the purity of childhood, the brightness of youth and a body degenerated by old age.If you can explain the cycle of life with just one image, this work would be the key.

Death and life

Most of his paintings seem based on the great questions of life, as is the case with this work. It shows clearly that we cannot flee death and that, although some accept it, others play with it believing that nothing happens.

It seems impressive to make such a clear description of a concept that it is difficult to admit in our mind. That's why Gustav Klimt is who he is, and his talent went as far as we know.

The Tree of Life

The tree of life has been used by philosophy and theology to understand mysterious concepts. This work has several interpretations. Some see it as a tree that connects human life with the intelligence of a creator, be it God, the universe or another intelligent force. Others claim that it is the fusion between masculine and feminine.

Either way, Gustav Klimt showed that there is nothing in the universe that cannot be explained with an image, leading to unique works of art.

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