3 ways to enjoy Barcelona to the fullest

We are going on a trip to one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Spain: Barcelona, ​​Mediterranean city, city of history and varied people. Get ready to live an unforgettable experience, join the adventure of discovering a cosmopolitan city that has more than one option for you. We show you how to enjoy Barcelona to the fullest!

Barcelona, ​​city of light and arts

There are those who consider Barcelona as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. They are not mistaken, and more if we consider the ability of the city to shine on its own. Starting with its coast and ending with the mountain, it has a very valuable heritage And it is the corner of art.

The jewel of Barcelona is undoubtedly the work of the artist Antoni Gaudí, maximum representative of Catalan modernism. In fact, part of the architectural attractions are his work. He was in charge of making the city evolve one step beyond the others. And many of his works are reflected in corners of the city that are worth visiting.

However, let's stop a little more on how to enjoy Barcelona as much as possible. You sign up?

3 ways to enjoy Barcelona

Are you ready to enjoy Barcelona to the fullest? Get ready because after this you won't be able to see any city with the same eyes. This trip will make a difference if you follow any of these ways of feeling Barcelona:

1. Barcelona through Antoni Gaudí

sacred Family

It is the most popular way to get to know Barcelona, ​​to enjoy it through the works of Antoni Gaudí. Throughout the city there are several monuments of unsurpassed beauty that will fascinate you. How not to mention the famous Sagrada Familia? It is one of the icons of the city, and that has not yet finished its construction.

Another of Antonio Gaudí's works is the famous Guell park, located in the neighborhood of Gracia Allows you to see the best views of the city from the terrace of the Hall of One Hundred Columns. A place of nature and where you can fully appreciate the style of Gaudí.

And of course, You should see works such as Casa Milà (or La Pedrera), Casa Batlló or Casa Vicens. All of them you can enjoy through a walk during a day of tourism.

«The architect is the synthetic man. He who is able to see things together before they are done. »

-Antoni Gaudí-

2. Barcelona through its cosmopolitan atmosphere

View of Barcelona

Another way to enjoy Barcelona is through its environment. Clearly, the city has always been ahead of its time. Its industrial, scientific and technological development place it ahead of many other cities. Tall buildings, an organized city full of life ... How not to want to enjoy it?

We advise you to take a walk on the famous Ramblas. Get lost in its streets and don't leave it without going through the Plaza de Cataluña. Approach Barceloneta beach, the promenade and visit the Colón Building. And finally, have fun shopping on the Paseo de Gracia and visit the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Soak up the atmosphere of the city!

3. Barcelona from the heights

Montjuïc Castle

When we say "enjoy Barcelona from above" we mean literally that. Wouldn't you like to enjoy the best views of the city? Well fortunately you can do it from the mountain of Montjuïc. It has a height of 173 meters and can be reached through a cable car entrance or by car.

The place became famous in the wake of the 1929 Expo and the Olympic Games that took place there in 1992. Every year it receives thousands of visits from tourists, but also from Barcelona who want to enjoy the views and the many activities that are held there.

Both day and night, you will not regret witnessing Barcelona from the top. And if you do it at night, you can enjoy a great show of lights and water that takes place at your feet, in the Magic Fountain.

During the rest of the day, you have very interesting art museums. But the most spectacular is the castle of Montjuïc, at the top of the mountain. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy Barcelona!

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