Sobrino de Botín restaurant in Madrid, the oldest in the world

The Sobrino de Botín restaurant can boast of being the oldest in the world, milestone collected in the Guinness book of records. And its origin dates back no less than to 1725. If you want to know more about this place located in the city of Madrid, do not hesitate to continue reading.

History of Nephew of Botín restaurant

The establishment is currently run by the third generation of the González family. So, Where does your name come from? Well, the French chef Jean Botín, which in 1725 opened a small inn in Madrid and is the current restaurant. That year is also the local wood oven.

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As a curiosity, nothing else was cooked at the inn other than what the guest himself brought, since in the 18th century it was not allowed to sell meat, wine or other products. The reason? It was believed that there could be some kind of intrusion that affected certain unions.

On the other hand, it was not until the twentieth century when the Sobrino de Botín restaurant arrived at the hands of its current owners with Emilio González and his wife, Amparo Martín. These started a small family business that had only seven employees. Among them, marriage and their three children.

During the Civil War, and unlike many restaurants, the business did not see ceased if activity not a single day. Precisely, the fact of having always been operative was one of the aspects that was valued when Guinness granted him in 1987 the recognition he holds.

After the contest, Antonio and José González took the reins of the business, making it what it is today: a restaurant with good service and an outstanding cuisine and genre. But nevertheless, The establishment, which consists of four floors, still retains the atmosphere of the former inn.

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The fame of the Sobrino de Botín restaurant is such that it has appeared in various literary works, such as Fortunata and Jacinta, Mercy or Torquemada and San Pedro, all of them by Benito Pérez Galdós. Other books in which reference is made are My life, by Indalecio Prieto or The forging of a rebel, by Arturo Barea.

Likewise, the establishment can boast of having among its guests with Ernest Hemingway himself, which was joined by a friendship with the owner of Botín at the time: Emilio González. As an anecdote, the latter tried to teach the writer to make a paella, but his cooking skills left much to be desired. 

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The Sobrino de Botín restaurant is one of the referents of the traditional cuisine of Madrid, because the recipes of their dishes are taught from generation to generation. Of all of them, one of the most demanded is roast suckling pig. Although there are others equally famous, such as the loot Botín or the Loin sirloin with mushrooms.

Its gastronomic offer includes, at the same time, its own delicious pastry. Some examples are biscuit with figs and nuts, warm apple pie, white chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cake ... and the house special, a cream cake that is named after the restaurant.

The establishment also has a varied wine list formed by sparkling wines from Spain, France and Italy; as well as white, rosé and red wines from different regions. With or without Designation of Origin, but all equally recommended to accompany the meal.

"From a good feast you can forgive everyone, even relatives."

-Oscar Wilde-

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For those who, after knowing the history and the letter of the establishment have succumbed to their charms and want to eat there, tell them that It is located in the heart of Madrid. More specifically, in the street of Cuchilleros, leaving the Plaza Mayor through the Cuchilleros arch.

Regarding the schedule, lunch at the Sobrino de Botín restaurant is served from one to four in the afternoon and dinner, from eight to twelve at night. The day you choose does not matter, as it remains open throughout the year. The important thing is to enjoy the experience, as thousands of people have already done since its opening.

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