The oldest hotel in the world

When looking for a hotel to go on vacation, many reasons are valued and that it is different or rare is one of the most taken into account. The most appreciated feature of Nishiyama Onsen is its history, and it is the oldest hotel in the world, something that has been noted in the famous Guiness Book of Records.

This establishment that has been operating since 705 It has nothing less than 1300 years of history! But yes, it retains a very youthful appearance because, obviously, it has undergone many remodeling.

The history of the oldest hotel in the world

This peculiar establishment is located in the immediate vicinity of Kyoto, more specifically in the mountains of Hayakama. Being located in the Yamanashi area, you are lucky to be protected by the warm and healthy waters flowing underground through its mountains.

Yamanashi - Jun Takeuchi /

It was Fujiwara Mahito, camera assistant of Emperor Tenji, who founded the hotel. He did this by seeing the opportunity to take advantage of these thermal flows. An inn that immediately began to enjoy not only the inhabitants of the area, but important and prominent characters of the time, from artists to samurai.

Surely the founder of the hotel never imagined that his establishment would become fashionable and much less that it would be so durable. And since thenThe hotel management has passed through the hands of 52 generations of his family.

An oriental spa of natural origin

If there is something that stands out of the Nishiyama Onsen are its rooms of traditional charm. This ryokan, a word that usually defines this type of establishments, has its bases in the Japanese classical tradition. The absence of walls is one of its most striking qualities.

In the same way, Surprise the western visitor with its floors covered by mats known as tatamis, which used to be made of straw.

Nishiyama Onsen -

Its doors, called shoji, slide from side to side and they have been manufactured from the typical washi paper used for this type of task since time immemorial.

During our stay we will sleep on a cozy and pleasant futon that will provide us with a whole experience of calm and rest. To sit we will have a zabuton.

And in the oldest hotelwe will have the opportunity to breathe the precious garden air from the engawa. Of course, before going through any of your rooms we must remember to take off your shoes.

Dream relaxation

The fantastic situation of this spa makes it offer fantastic views They will delight even the most demanding customers.

If this fails to help us disconnect, it is not a problem, as we will have a new possibility of reaching nirvana by immersing ourselves in its countless liters of hot springs. The establishment has a multitude of bathtubs scattered throughout the enclosure whose temperature reaches 52 degrees Celsius.

Nishiyama Onsen -

This sensory experience can be carried out both in the omsen, the common area enabled for it and in our own room. The feeling of relaxation will be as great as the samurai felt They were returning from the bloody battle.

Regional cuisine based on Japanese delicacies

If the rooms of the oldest hotel in the world are already perfect and the rest in them has been a real pleasure, the gastronomy of the place can only be a real delight.

The chefs follow the general pattern of Japanese food, that is, identify food patterns with each time of the year based on fresh seasonal products that are called Shun. The dishes are usually served under an exquisite presentation millimetrically studied and elaborated.

“Gastronomic sybaritism, together with intelligence helps to make men friendly”

-Alexandre Grimod de la Reyniere-

It is advisable to perform a tasting of kaseki ryoki, a legendary meal of difficult preparation and exquisite taste. For dessert we can taste a daifuku, covered with corn starch.

If we are lucky, these delicacies will be served by waiters dressed in the traditional kimono, which will contribute to our visit the necessary element to make us feel in Japan described in the poems that were compiled in the Man'yoshu by the poet Otomo no Yakamochi.

The Nishiyama Onsen, the oldest hotel in the world, is a true luxury.A perfect place to forget everything.

Video: We stayed at the oldest hotel in Japan - and the world - which has been operating since 705 AD (January 2020).