Let's get to know the most beautiful watches in the world

Sometimes we choose a place to know a destination, and sometimes we decide to take a tour of some specific points in various parts of the world. Today we are going to do one of these trips that are looking for something special, in this case, We want to discover the most beautiful watches in the world.

Cities where you will find the most beautiful watches in the world

Many cities in the world have a building with a clock that tells the history of the place and that takes years, sometimes centuries, marking the time that is passing by. Surely you already know some, either for having visited them, or for having heard from them. These are the most famous:

1. Venice, Italy

Clock of the Torre dell'Orologio - Lucian Milasan

In the heart of the Italian city of canals, In St. Mark's Square, you will find a beautiful three-dial watch. Each of them marks a different time: one the hours, another the moons and the suns and another the zodiac.

In addition to its originality, its age must also be taken into account, as dates from the 16th century. You will find it if you look at the Torre dell'Orologio.

2. Geneva, Switzerland

Clock of the Quai du Général-Guisan - Picturereflex

Does it sound like a country known for its watches? Yes, Switzerland And, obviously, there could be a spectacular clock in this country. This is one that It is located on the grass of the English Garden in Geneva.

A peculiar watch whose dial is more than 6000 flowers, whose colors vary according to the season. A beauty that mixes architecture, engineering and nature in a masterly way.

3. Comayagua, Honduras

Comayagua Cathedral - David Andino

It may not be a spectacular watch, but it is interesting because of its history. It is in the cathedral of Comayagua and It is the oldest in America.

It seems that It was manufactured in Spain in the 12th centuryThere are those who say that because of the Arabs. Centuries later he would be taken to the conquered lands, passing through several different locations until he ended up settling in this beautiful white cathedral that stands out in the Honduran city.

4. New York, United States

Fifth Avenue Clock - Luciano Mortula - LGM / Shutterstock.com

It was impossible that in a list like this the name of one of the most famous cities in the world would not come to light: New York. This beautiful clock is on Fifth Avenue, specifically at number 200 and in front of the famous Flatiron building.

Slender and elegant, it's french style, something that contrasts in an outstanding way with the cosmopolitan and modern aspect that stands out in the most famous street of the city, but which is not at all unattractive.

5. Madrid, Spain

Puerta del Sol - Farbregas Hareluya

The famous clock of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid had to be on this list. For decades It is one of the best known symbols of the city.

It has been time for more than 150 years and is the protagonist of the end of the year bells, not only in the capital but at the national level, because it is broadcast on television. And at your feet, Kilometer 0, a meeting point for locals and tourists.

6. London, United Kingdom

Big Ben - pisaphotography

It is, without a doubt, the most famous clock in the world. It is not only for being in one of the best known capitals, but for its beautiful spheres and the beautiful architecture of the tower in which it is located.

The tower is almost one hundred meters high and its bell weighs 14 tons. As a curiosity, it should be noted that Big Ben is the perfect symbol of British punctuality, not even in World War II he stopped marking the time precisely.

7. Munich, Germany

Glockenspiel - Boris-B

In the Marienplatz is the town hall tower, in Gothic style. In it another of the most beautiful watches in the world is embedded. It has a carillon with life-size human figures that dance twice a day with the rhythm of the music of the bells of the hour. A whole show.

«Time is not money; Gold is worth nothing, time is life. »

-José Luis Sampedro-

8. Moscow, Russia

Spasskaya Tower - Yuliya Baturina

They say that The Kremlin is one of the greatest architectural works in the world. And his watch could not be less, that's why we include it in the list of prettiest watches in the world.

A 4-sided watch with gold finishes and that gives a real touch to the Spasskaya Tower, which stands out above all other buildings. A work of art without a doubt!

9. Prague, Czech Republic

Astronomical clock - Ilyshev Dmitry

No other watch better to crown this list than the astronomical clock in Prague, with its unique legend. They say it was built by Hanus Ruze, master watchmaker who was left blind so he could never do anything similar in another city. It is a work of art that fuses watchmaking and astronomy.

Have you already chosen which or which of the most beautiful watches in the world you want to visit? Or better yet, Do you dare to see them all? You will tell us what time it is ...