We visit some of the most beautiful theaters in the world

When we go on vacation, it's not just about catching a plane and visiting places without more, but enjoying each of its special buildings and its corners full of charm and magic. In this case, We want to show you some of the most beautiful theaters in the world, with wonderful details and a unique architecture. Are you coming with us?

The most beautiful theaters in the world are ...

Paris National Opera

Interior of the Opera Garnier

It is possible that this building was the first one you thought about. The Garnier Opera is not only one of the most beautiful theaters in the world, it is also a literary setting. It is the place that inspiredThe Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux.

A neo-baroque building that began to be built in 1860. It highlights its richly decorated hallways, its staircase and the spectacular ceiling of the main hall. In addition to these spaces, you can see an exhibition of ancient costumes and objects that were used in the representations.

Grand National Theater of China

National Theater of China

Although from a very different culture than the western one, in China the theater was and has been a highly valued art. If there is a building that shows the innovation and modernity that the Chinese always seek to stand out in the world, that would be the Great National Theater of China.

It is known as 'the egg' because of its futuristic shape. Even if only to see it, it is worth approaching, even if you don't like theater.

San Carlos Theater, Naples

San Carlos Theater of Naples

Italy has always stood out for its architecture, developed by the best artists in the world, and this Neapolitan theater is no less. It is the oldest active opera house in the world, so many others would copy it later. A building that highlights the luxury and beauty of its great room.

«Going to the theater is a pleasure, attending ballet a joy, surrendering to opera, happiness.»

-Annelou Dupuis-

Royal Opera House of London

Royal Opera House of London - Neil Howard

How not to talk about the most famous theater in London on our list of the most beautiful theaters in the world? As well, highlights its proscenium with more than 12 meters high and the majesty of its decoration. Its very closed 'u' shape allows it to be very close to the stage from any angle.

A theater built in the mid-19th century which, however, today is endowed with the most advanced technologies.

Opera House, Sydney

Sydney - Taschengeld

It is not only one of the most beautiful theaters in the world, but also one of the best known. Maybe because of its design, which despite being built in 1973, still showing an unparalleled futuristic air.

It has two main roomsFour restaurants, six bars and shops to buy a souvenir of the theater, or the wonderful city in which it is located.

Liceo Theater, in Barcelona

Lyceum of Barcelona - Sergio Morchon / Flickr.com

In the Ramblas of Barcelona is this theater that, resurfaced from its ashes after a terrible fire in 1994. A theater of which the Catalans are proud and that can be visited even when there is no performance.

The style of the Lyceum is modernist and in it highlights its lobby, the staircase and the hall of mirrors, in addition to the main hall. Although we recommend that you visit it in any way, it is best to see it in all its splendor, in a play, opera, concert or ballet.

Bolshoi theater

Bolshoi theater

In the Russian capital, in Moscow, is one of the most beautiful theaters in the world, and also It is one of the most prestigious by the company it houses. It's about the Bolshói theater. The building that can be seen today, in a neoclassical style, is from the mid-19th century.

A few years ago he underwent a major rehabilitation, in which some old communist symbols were removed. The reopening took place in 2011.

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall - Smart Destinations / commons.wikimedia.org

Although New York does not stand out for being an ancient city, it is very sophisticated, and its most famous theater is proof of that. Has a style art deco, something very different from the previous mentioned theaters, but not for that reason it is less special. Some of the most famous shows, concerts, plays have passed through it.

This has been our tour of the most beautiful theaters in the world, among which we do not want to mention the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, the Alla Scala in Milan, or the Globe Theater in London. Make a list and visit some of them on your next vacation. You will love it!