The most impressive libraries in the world

All buildings that have history seem to us a place worth visiting on our vacation. And this time We want you to join us on a tour to discover some of the most impressive libraries in the world. They are not only for the beauty and history of the building, but also for everything in them.

1. Strahov Monastery, Prague. One of the most impressive libraries

Strahov Monastery - anyaivanova

In the library of this monastery are not only the books that house what attracts attention, but the beautiful architecture of its rooms. Highlights its ceilings, decorated with fabulous frescoes of two baroque artists: Siard Nosecký and Anton Maulbertsche

The foundation of the monastery dates from the 12th century, although the building that can be seen today is the result of the reforms and restorations carried out in the 17th century. And the library has been one of its treasures since its inception. It has two hundred thousand volumes, three thousand of them are priceless manuscripts.

2. Korean Tripitaka

Korean Tripitaka - Lauren Heckler / Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the most impressive libraries in the world and also the strangest, since it is not books that it houses, but Buddhist manuscripts engraved on 80,000 wooden blocks. These are exposed to the eyes of anyone who wants to visit it.

It is in South Gyeongsang, in South Korea, in a temple of the year 802 called Haeinsa. A beauty made by the hand of man that can not be less than a World Heritage Site. A place full of information, history and teaching, as it shows us one of the most innovative printing techniques of the time.

3. Martian Library

Marciana Library - Alan Cordova /

Located in the beautiful Italian city of Venice, is this other jewel of history and knowledge. As expected, all the Italian opulence is shown in its construction, which was supervised by the Renaissance architect Sansovino.

It is located in the very square of San Marcos and dates from the 16th century. If on the outside the elegance of its forms will surprise you, inside, the frescoes of its ceilings and walls will leave you speechless. Some of them were painted by Titian. In addition, it stores one of the most important classic text collections in the world.

«Before certain books, one wonders: who will read them? And before certain people one wonders: what will they read? And finally, books and people meet. »

-André Gide-

4. Library of the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Royal Library of El Escorial - Jose Maria Cuellar /

Felipe II collected the ideals of Renaissance humanism in this fabulous library, one of the most beautiful corners of the Monastery of El Escorial. A place designed not only to store valuable collections of books, but to encourage study. That is why in its rooms there are portraits, astrolabs, spheres, etc.

But nevertheless, The beauty of the main hall is surprising, with more than 54 meters long and with a beautifully decorated barrel vault. Not forgetting the marble of the floor or the shelves, made of noble wood.

5. National Library of France

National Library of France - S. Bonaime /

From its headquarters Richelieu highlights the classicism and beauty of its Oval Room. This is the cradle of the National Library of France and today houses collections of manuscripts, prints, photographs or maps and plans, among others.

Her you have to go to the headquartersFrançois Mitterrand, a spectacular building built at the end of the 20th century with four steel towers 80 meters high. The design is the work of Domique Perrault and, of course, has the greatest technological advances.

6. Vatican Apostolic Library

Vatican Apostolic Library - Francesco Dazzi /

It is one of the most impressive and oldest libraries in the world. And it has a point of mystery, because the writings, books and manuscripts guarded in the Vatican have always raised doubts, speculations and questions. In fact, a part separated in the seventeenth century, is the so-called «Vatican Secret Archive».

The library stores more than 1.5 million volumes and manuscripts., some of enormous value, such asCodex Vaticanus, the oldest complete manuscript in the Bible

In the Vatican, our tour of some of the most impressive libraries in the world ends. Do you already know which one you want to visit?

Main picture: Gary Yim /

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