The most spectacular parliaments in the world

They are the seat of government powers, but beyond the activity that takes place inside and its symbolism, these parliaments are spectacular for their dimensions, for their beauty and, sometimes, also for its history. Knowing them, therefore, is also knowing the spirit and historical evolution of their countries.

1. Parliament of Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Parliament - Brian Kinney

It was built between 1884 and 1902. A neo-Gothic building that was the greatest work of its time. Located on the banks of the Danube, it has impressive measures: 268 meters long and 118 wide. And inside, almost 700 rooms with spectacular corners such as the Dome Room or the main staircase. One of the parliaments more beautiful.

2. Houses of Parliament in London, United Kingdom

Houses of Parliament - Richie Chan

Another of the parliaments that almost everyone knows, perhaps for its most famous tower, Big Ben. A spectacular Victorian Gothic building built in the mid-nineteenth century in the place occupied by the original palace, destroyed by a fire in 1834. Another construction of dizzying figures: it has more than a thousand rooms, 11 courtyards and 3.5 kilometers of corridors

3. Bucharest Parliament Palace, Romania

Bucharest Parliament - ArvidO /

If there is a spectacular parliament by its dimensions, it is this. It is the largest civil building in the world, only surpassed by the Pentagon. It was built in the late 70s of the last century and in order to do so it was necessary to demolish seven thousand houses, twelve churches and three monasteries, among other buildings. It has twelve plants on the surface and another 8 underground.

4. Palace of the Congress of the Argentine Nation in Buenos Aires

Palace of the Congress of the Argentine Nation - saiko3p

Another building of enormous dimensions. It began to be built in 1897 and was inaugurated just nine years later, although the works were not finished, in fact, they would last for 40 more years. Greco-Roman style, it highlights the fabulous dome, which rises to 80 meters high and is covered with copper.

5. Reichstag from Berlin, Germany

If there is a building that has been a silent witness to the German history of the last century and a half, it is this. It was built in the late nineteenth century in nerobaroque style; He was set on fire in 1933, shortly after Hitler's arrival to power; and suffered the fighting of World War II. In the 90s a deep restoration was undertaken in which Norman Foster designed its characteristic steel and glass dome today.

6. Washington Capitol, United States

Capitol - Jackelberry /

It is a fabulous and unmistakable building of neoclassical appearance and a striking and powerful white color. Its first construction phase ended in 1800. It has two wings that articulate around a spectacular central dome. It is quite an experience to admire it from within, from the Rotunda, a circular room 33 meters in diameter and 60 in height.

7. Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

Ottawa Parliament - festivio /

Surrounded by gardens, it stands out on a hill. Its construction began in 1859, but financial problems did not end until 1876. The parliamentary enclosure is composed of several neo-Gothic buildings. A fire destroyed in 1916 the Central Block, rebuilt years later. And a tip: climb the Peace Tower, from where there are spectacular views.

8. Austrian Parliament, Vienna

Vienna Parliament - Vienna Tourist Board /

It is one of the most prominent buildings of the elegant Ringstrasse in Vienna, the great artery of the city. A beautiful neoclassical construction built between 1873 and 1883 and whose facade imitates the beauty and majesty of the temples of Ancient Greece. In fact, at its entrance stands a sculpture of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athena. That said, unmistakable.

9. Fabulous parliaments: Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Parliament - Hafiz Issadeen /

Design by a famous country architect, Geoffrey Bawa, this complex sits on an artificial lake. It consists of five main and other secondary pavilions with copper roofs and reminiscent of ancient temples. Imposing is the parliamentary chamber, with a ceiling that shines thanks to 20,000 aluminum panels. In it we finish this tour through the most incredible parliaments.

Video: Unesco heritage site: Budapest Parliament - the most beautiful in Europe (January 2020).