We visit 7 of the most curious museums in Spain

Without a doubt, museums are one of the great attractions of Spain. But this time we will not look at the Prado or the Guggenheim. Do not, We want to visit some of the most curious museums in Spain. Modest, little known, but very interesting. Do you want to prove it? Join us!

1. Museum of Microminiatures, Guadalest (Alicante)

Microminiature Museum - Pedro Agüera / Flickr.com

To enjoy this museum you must have a good view, because we talk about micropintures and microsculptures. No, you don't need to look for the glasses, you can see their pieces thanks to powerful magnifying glasses. And it seems incredible what can be done on the head of a pin.

Can't you imagine it? Well here are some examples: a picture of El Greco painted on a grain of riceLas Meninas of Velázquez in a grain of corn or the Statue of Liberty inside the eye of a needle. Amazing, right? By the way, they are the work of Manuel Ussá.

And if you still have time and want to surprise yourself, in Guadalest there is another very curious museum, in this case it exhibits thousands of pepper shakers and salt shakers from all over the world and every imaginable epoch. A property of the family of Andre Ludden, a lover of these pieces.

"A museum is a place to lose your mind."

-Renzo Piano-

2. Lunar Museum, Fresnedillas de la Oliva (Madrid)

Lunar Museum - museo.fresnedillasdelaoliva.es/

Spain has its bit of glory when it comes to the space race. And it is in Fresnedillas de la Oliva. Here one of the NASA manned space flight tracking bases was installed, with a powerful antenna that allowed communication with the ships.

In this small museum you will be able to know the history of the trips of the human being to the Moon, from the first studies carried out to the mission of Apollo XI. Further, you will see countless objects, from original pieces that belonged to Neil Armstrong to models that reproduce rockets and other space-related gadgets.

3. Urinal Museum, Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)

Urinal Museum - VonRalph / commons.wikimedia.org

Without a doubt, it is one of the most curious museums in Spain. Can you think of a weirder museum than one dedicated to the potty? Here you can see hundreds of pieces from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. There are porcelain, ceramic or metal. Some are humble, others with a decoration worthy of kings ... although they all had the same function.

They are sorted by categories and more than one will start a smile. A museum that is worth seeing and that was born from the collector's desire of a neighbor of Ciudad Rodrigo, José María del Arco Ortiz aka «Pesetos»

4. Siphon Museum, Pola de Siero (Asturias)

Siphon Museum - ayto-siero.es

The siphon was part of the culture and history of Spain for years. Today there is a museum dedicated to him in Pola de Siero. Here there are more than 15,000 bottles in what was an old factory of this drink. Not only can you see bottles from the country, but also from Mexico, Poland and Argentina, among others.

There are all kinds, from the simplest "daily" to others with reliefs or serigraphs. And all thanks to another collector, Aurelio Antidio Cuesta «Lelo».

5. Museum of Cinema Cars, Yuncos (Toledo)

Museum of Cinema Cars - Sonsoles Jiménez

This museum is very special. Why? Why in it you will see cars and other types of vehicles that are going to sound a lot. In fact, you may have seen them in movies like Mortadelo and Filemon or return from Almodóvar; or in series like The time between seamsVelvet or The secret of Puente Viejo, to give just a few examples.

Property of Vicente Pavia and his children, You can also see in it models of vehicles that circulated on Spanish roads a few decades ago, from Simca 1000 to Seat 127. Authentic classics.

6. Torture Museum, Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)

Torture Museum - Ralph Foreman / Flickr.com

From chastity belts to masks, from the vile club to hellish machinery that caused the most terrible pains. And all were used in reality.A tour of the cruelest tortures of the Inquisition that will make your hair stand on end.

Why this museum when there are in other parts of geography? Because it is in a beautiful medieval city such as Santillana del Mar. Nothing like taking a walk through it to take away the impression that this museum can cause you.

7. Chocolate Museum, Astorga (León). One of the most curious museums in Spain

Chocolate tablets - Trevor Huxham / Flickr.com

In the cuisine of Astorga stands the cooked maragato. But not long ago, This Leonese town was also known for its chocolates. Here there were numerous factories dedicated to making this delicious delicacy. Today they are just a memory, but one of the most curious museums in Spain remains ... and sweeter.

Here you can learn how chocolate was made by hand, as well as knowing its origin and contemplating wrappers, boxes and other objects related to it. And, yes, you can also try and, of course, buy.

What do you think of this original tour? They are some of the most curious museums in Spain. Take note e Try to visit one of them on your next vacation. You will not regret!

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