Discover a lake to dream in Yangshuo, China

The town of Yangshuo may not be one of the best known in China, but you should know that here you will find impressive natural scenarios. Its main tourist attraction is its spectacular surroundings. Getting lost among its landscapes is the best way to enjoy if you include this city in your route through the Asian country.

Among these wonderful places, you can admire a beautiful lake. It is the best place to breathe the peace of Yangshuo. Although there are also other places that you can not miss, such as its rivers, caves or the spectacular Moon Hill, with a unique shape. Do not hesitate and include this town in your route through China because you will not regret it.

Yangshuo Lake

Yangshuo Lake Environment

It is not the only nor the main tourist attraction of Yangshuo, but the lake is a place worth knowing. It is located in the heart of the city and the image it offers, with the buildings that surround it, is unique and special.

The best time to visit Yangshuo Lake is at sunsetWhen the night starts to fall It is when the lights of the houses and businesses that are next to him begin to come on. Thus, a magical scenario is created in which the city is mixed with the natural environment.

A good plan is to dine at some of the restaurants around the area.. Just make sure you get a good table from which you can enjoy the views. It is undoubtedly the best place to discover the best dishes of Yangshuo cuisine.

Another ideal companion of the lake is music. If you're lucky, when you go you can listen to local groups live. This creates a great atmosphere for dining, walking or simply resting with top-notch views.

Sail on a bamboo raft

Rafts on the Li River

The rivers that pass through Yangshuo leave some scenarios for which the trip is already worth doing. From the river Li, the main one, You can see the karst mountains that dominate the landscape. They are high peaks and unique shapes that will leave you with your mouth open.

This natural treasure can be seen following a route along the banks of the Yangshuo River. Even though the best way to know it is from the waters themselves. Therefore, you can hire one of the guided routes that, after traveling part of the river on foot from outside, then take you on it sailing on a bamboo raft.

You will feel like in a movie or an adventure video game. Despite the large influx of tourists, this part of the city will make you delve into the magic of nature of the Asian continent.

This activity can not only be done in Li. As well you can go by boat on the Yulong River, although this time the excursions are done rowing and make your experience different.

The Xianggong Lookout

The best place in Yangshuo to see the sunset we have already said that it is the lake That is in the center. In addition, there you can stroll through the tourist streets full of shops and restaurants.

But if we leave the urban part, we can see one of the best sunsets in the entire continent. The views from the Xianggong viewpoint are spectacular. With the river at your feet and surrounded by mountains where vegetation reigns, this magical place will leave you wanting to move to China to go every day.

The most spectacular hill in Yangshuo

Moon Hill

Between so many hills, it was easy for some to stand out above the rest in Yangshuo, and it is Moon Hill. The hill of the Moon is a mountain that in its intermediate part has a large hole between the rock that crosses from side to side. The vegetation passes under the mountain itself and creates a fascinating viewpoint for tourists.

Another part that you surely like to visit are the Yangshuo Caves. There are several, some full of stalactites and stalagmites and others where the spotlight is carried by artificial lights that give a special atmosphere. You can also see a cave full of butterflies and where you can see several interior waterfalls.

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