Are we close to space travel?

Yes we are close to space travel. In fact, a privileged few have already done space tourism. Of course, the truth is that it is not something that today is available to anyone and, in reality, it is not even a completely viable possibility for much money you have. But it is clear that, sooner rather than later, these types of trips will be a constant.

The first of the tourists on space travel

It has been a while since. It was in 2001 when the first of the space trips in tourism plan was made. The milestone has such a caliber in traveling history, that we even know the name of that first space tourist: his name was Dennis Tito.

This is a worker from NASA itself, although for his work as an engineer he would never make one of those space trips in person where he worked. So he got a significant sum of money, 20 million dollars, to be the first “civilian” to fly to the Russian Soyuz station.

And Dennis Tito not only flew there, but stayed 8 days on board and then return successfully to our planet.

Current expectations of space travel

From that first trip of a space tourist, other experiences have been prepared. And urban legends tell us about great fortunes that have made their reservations for the next flights in exchange for millions of dollars.

In case you can afford it, here we are going to tell you the companies that offer this type of «tourist» travel. Pay attention:

Virgin Galactic

One of the most restless and enterprising characters on the world stage is Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, a group of companies of the most varied nature. And within that business complex, many years ago he created Virgin Galactic to offer space travel. Since 2008 tickets are sold for it.

However, there have been delays after a terrible accident of his supersonic flight. Although it continues with the purpose of offering suborbital flights to observe the blue planet from the heights.


Another of the most renowned entrepreneurs is Elon Musk, a character who founded the electric car brand Tesla. And he has done the same with SpaceX, which intends to offer space travel aboard its Big Falcon Rocket.

The truth is He has promised trips to the moon, carry loads to the International Space Station and even reach Mars. But, for now, they are only projects.

Blue origin

And to end this triad of characters, let's talk now about the bet of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, for space travel. He has created the company Blue Origin, which has already successfully launched a manned ship.

With her it is intended to reach 99 kilometers of alturto, carrying up to six passengers. Of course, they will be amazed to see from there above the curvature of the Earth and the immensity of space.

Orion Span

This other company proposes to realize a more complete experience. He proposes arriving in 2022 at the Aurora Space Station, which has not yet been completed, but will be 200 kilometers from the earth's surface.

There a space will be prepared for several tourists who can stay in it for several days. Yes, the total price is exorbitant and the term, in this case, has the most appropriate use.

Axiom Space, luxury space travel

We finish these space travel proposals, with one that is being launched by a team of former NASA workers. They too they are creating a space station, but with luxury criteria. Even the sought-after designer Philippe Starck works in furniture and decoration.

A luxury hotel in space, that's your proposal. It includes a training stage and the flights in and out of the atmosphere. And all of it for a price of about 55 million dollars, since they say that they do know what that all costs.

Having seen all of the above, it seems so, that surely space travel is very close As a form of tourism. However, they will only be available to an exclusive and small percentage of the world's population.

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