The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are a set of rooms of artistic value which is located in the Vatican City, which belongs to the Italian peninsula and is located in the smallest independent sovereign state in the world, with no access to the sea. This microstate is best known for housing the Holy See of the Catholic Church.

The origin of the set is remote to the year 1503 and is composed of monuments, galleries, papal buildings, thematic museums, gardens and also the spectacular Vatican Library. The whole set offers An extensive collection of centuries-old works.

Interesting facts of the Vatican Museums

The first interesting fact to know is that the microstate of the Vatican was not recognized as sovereign until the year 1929, which is a young state whose population reaches 800 inhabitants. Despite its size, the state is able to receive the thousands of tourists who visit its territory every day to admire the Vatican Museums.

In 1984, the Vatican Museums received the recognition of World Heritage by Unesco Given its high cultural value. Hence, it is considered a treasure very well guarded by members of the army and, of course, museum staff.

In this regard, it should be remembered that State protection is provided by the Swiss Guard, a military body made up of a hundred soldiers. Therefore, when visiting the Vatican Museums, tourists can run into these professionals dressed in their traditional uniform, something that undoubtedly raises the cultural value of the city.

Another interesting fact to know is that during the month of February of the year 2000, the monumental entrance to the museums was inaugurated. This entrance is located north of the Vatican walls, near the old entrance of Giuseppe Momo. In this entry you will find the helical staircase designed by Antonio Maraini.

The monumental staircase lacks steps and is, rather, a double spiral ramp. Often, it is confused with the famous Bramante Staircase which is located near the Momo Staircase. The following image belongs to Momo's work and that, currently, is the museum's exit.

Must to see?

  • The Sacred Museum
  • The Profane Museum.
  • The Sistine Chapel.
  • The Pio Clementino Museum.
  • The Ethnological Missionary Museum.
  • The Vatican Pinacoteca.
  • The Gregorian Museum of Egyptian art and Etruscan art.
  • The Chiaramonti Museum and the Pinacoteca Vaticana.
  • The Archbasilica of St. John Lateran.
  • The majesty of the square and the basilica of San Pedro. This represents about 27% of the total area of ​​the state.

Other attractions of the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums not only represent an exhibition of ecclesiastical art from different eras, there are other offers of cultural interest, for example, The Map Gallery is a real gem for all those who love cartography.

Likewise, it is possible to visit the impressive art exhibitions of Antiquity which are grouped in the collection of the Profane Museum.

The works bring together pieces, both painting and sculpture and other arts, dating from very distant times. An example of this are the frescoes with stories of theOdyssey from Homer.

Visitors can also witness religious acts of great importance, such as papal audiences. In fact, this is one of the great attractions for parishioners who want to live their faith.

Types of visits

For art and tranquility lovers, There are offers of semi-private visits to the Vatican Museums. The best thing about these visits is that queues will not be necessary when purchasing the ticket. On the other hand, these visits include a professional tour guide throughout the entire tour.

Other types of guided tours include night tours with gastronomic tasting. This is a very attractive option, given the rich history that exists in the Vatican's recipe book. The buffet of local food is simply exquisite for the palate.

As in other places in the world, the Vatican City It also has a tourist bus service that welcome tourists to the Tourist Center Sightseeing, next to the Plaza de San Pedro.

Video: Inside the Vatican Museums. EWTN Vaticano Special (January 2020).