Meet Calabria: a beautiful and wild region

Calabria is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy thanks, in part, to its wonderful coastline. However, it houses other charms that do not go unnoticed, such as its natural spaces. We go to the tip of the "boot" that is the Italian peninsula to show you those corners that you should not miss there.

The fantastic beaches of Calabria

The most popular coastal towns in Calabria are Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo, Diamond, Soverato, Lovers and Scilla. All of them have spectacular beaches, some of which we will see next.

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Especially highlights the beach of Capo Vaticano, often chosen as one of the best beaches in the world. And its beauty does not go unnoticed by anyone. To its turquoise waters is added a sand bordered by a forest of trees and centenarians. Without doubt, an ideal place to contact nature.

We move to Isola di Capo Rizzuto, in the province of Crotone. It is famous for its magnificent coastline, which overlooks the Ionian Sea and where rocks and sand alternate, characterized by its orange-red color.

In Isola di Capo Rizzuto is the largest marine reserve in Italy in terms of dimensions. It occupies 42 kilometers of coastline and, in addition to its natural wealth, in its funds there are authentic archaeological treasures.

Nor can the beach of Marina de Sibari be overlooked. In addition to it, the low and sandy beaches of the Jazmin coast stand out, famous for the cultivation of the plant of the same name. And, of course, you should not miss the beach of rocks and white sand like Tropea flour, one of the most beautiful in the country.

Seen some of the best beaches in Calabria, you only have to choose the one that most appeals to you, although anyone is perfect to rest and disconnect from the daily routine or to sunbathe. As well it is possible to practice various water sports, As the windsurfing, the kitesurf or snorkeling

The national parks of Calabria

Pollino National Park

But in Calabria too You can enjoy nature in one of its national parks, such as Sila. This, which occupies an area of ​​more than 70,000 hectares, covers the provinces of Cosenza, Catanzaro and Crotona. It is a space populated, above all, by coniferous forests.

We pass to Aspromonte National Park, which houses the mountain massif that gives it its name and reaches 1 955 meters. Here you can find many rivers and streams, as well as diverse fauna (wolves, hawks, eagles ...) and vegetation (pine, fir, walnut and beech).

Equally recommended is the Regional Natural Park of La Serre, crossed by two long mountain ranges, with large forests and waterfalls such as Marmarico or Pietra Cupa. And another interesting place: the Pollino National Park, the largest nature reserve in Italy with its 1,820 km² of extension.

Other places of interest


This Italian region is much more than beautiful and wild nature. Its interior is also rich in history, traditions, art and culture. Here you will see fortresses, castles, churches and necropolis of great relevance.

In this sense, highlights Cosenza, with an interesting old town. Among the monuments that can be seen in that city we should talk about the source of the Thirteen Channels, where you can drink water from the Zumpo aqueduct in Sila.

In the city too you have to visit the Castello Svevo, where the kings of Sicily and Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen resided. The Duomo or the convents of San Gaetano and San Domenico are other attractions.

On the other hand, Art lovers should visit the National Museum of Magna Grecia. In it are the famous Riace Bronzes. These are two imposing sculptures made of bronze in the 5th century BC. They are kept in perfect condition.

As you could see, Calabria is a region that has a lot to offer, either because of its impressive nature or its important historical and artistic heritage. What are you waiting for to visit it? Of course, you will not regret it. What we have shown you is a tiny part of their wealth.