Basel: 4 plans to enjoy this Swiss city

We visit the third most important city in Switzerland: Basel. It is one of the most populated cities in the country and the second most powerful city in the economic aspect. Not only that, it is also one of the most relevant cultural cities in Europe. Why? We tell you!

Basel, a beautiful cultural city

Basel Old Town

Basel is a city that has everything to make travelers fall in love. It is quiet, tidy and clean. It has a great historical tradition and currently It is a city that watches over music, art, architecture and history. In fact, Erasmus of Rotterdam died here, a great author of the Renaissance.

The city is located in northern Switzerland, right on the border with France and Germany, countries of which it also has notable influences in every way.

Further, the Rhine runs through it, which divides the city into two: Grossbasel, the old zone, and Kleinbasel, the modern zone. In the first one, most of the monuments and places of interest are concentrated. In Kleinbasel, on the other hand, the most modern places in Basel are concentrated.

How to enjoy Basel? 4 things to do there

Now that we know the main thing about Basel, it's time to take note of the best plans that we can carry out in the city to fully enjoy our stay. Get ready!

1. Tour the old town of Basel

Basel Town Hall

The historic center of Basel has great beauty, as It is of medieval origin and is very well preserved. In just a day trip you can discover the most important places.

To get started, in the central square of the city (Markplatz) is the town hall. It is a magnificent red building built over 500 years ago. But what most attracts attention are ornaments in the form of sculptures and frescoes.

Another of the most important monuments is the cathedral. Its tower has one of the highest viewpoints in the city. It is Romanesque and Gothic in style and Erasmus of Rotterdam rests inside.

For the rest, remember to walk around Rittergasse and see the white and blue houses, Wendelstorferhof and Reichensteinerhof. The most magical part of Basel's old town is its cobbled streets, its colorful buildings and its flowers adorning the facades.

2. Enjoy the Rhin River

Rhin passing through Basel

As we have already told you, the Rhin River divides the city of Basel in two. When the heat comes people usually go for a drink at the shore and take the opportunity to bathe. It's like the little beach in Basel, a small oasis in the middle of the Alps.

Further, there is a tourist boat that makes a tour of the river and that allows you to enjoy great views of the city. You can also use a boat if you don't want to use the boat.

3. Visit the city markets

Weekly market - Karlheinz Klingbeil /

Many important markets take place in the city. The best known takes place every weekend at the Markplatz, the central square. During Saturday and Sunday it is filled with stalls where fresh bread is sold, fresh and typical Swiss products, bouquets, etc.

Another of the most popular is the antique market, It takes place on Saturdays at Petersplatz. Second-hand products that are no longer used, toys, furniture, jewelry, etc. are sold here. If you like antiques, here you will find products of the most vintage. You will love it!

Of course, remember that, although we are talking about street markets, in Switzerland prices are expensive. But it is also true that you will always find something worthwhile.

4. Know your museums

Beyeler Foundation - Cheetah_flicks /

Around 30 museums and art galleries are concentrated, hence it is known as a popular European art city. One of the most famous is the Beyeler Foundation, where works by Monet, Van Gogh, Bacon and even Picasso are concentrated.

As well you have to visit the Kunsthalle Basel, one of the most prestigious museums in Basel thanks to its collection of contemporary art. Although the Museum of History, the Museum of Music, the Dollhouse Museum also stand out ... And many more!

As you can see, Basel has a lot to offer you, from art to history, going through a small boat tour. If you want to discover Switzerland, do not hesitate to write this destination on your list and enjoy, of course, the best of the cuisine, culture and tranquility of the country. Fall in love completely with this city!

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