7 activities you should do on your trip to Bremen

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Bremen, you should know that there are activities that you can not miss. This beautiful German city can be a discovery. So, to help you enjoy it, we explain some of the things you have to do there. Can you come with us?

1. Stroll through the historic center of Bremen

Obviously, the first thing you should do on your trip to Bremen is to stroll through its old town. There, authentic jewels await you, like the old town hall. It is one of the most important examples of Gothic civil architecture in Europe. And it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rolando statue and town hall- Simaron / Flickr.com

Another monument with this distinction is the statue of Rolando. It is an imposing medieval sculpture of more than five meters high. In the nineteenth century Napoleon wanted to take her as a war trophy. Interestingly, he gave up after the citizens of Bremen convinced him of its low value.

The statue also contains a legend. Ensures thatBremen will remain free and independent as long as the statue stands. Legend or not, it is better to prevent, so there is a copy in the town hall, to raise it quickly in case the original falls.

To see it, we just have to move to the Market Square. There is also the sculpture that represents the musicians of Bremen, inspired by the famous children's story of the Grimm brothers. And you can also admire the cathedral, which took up nothing less than five centuries!

There is much more. In the historical center of the city you must travel the tourist street of Los Toneleros or the old and medieval district of Schnoor, full of craft shops. And then, go to the church of San Juan, dating from the fourteenth century.

2. Perform a tour in a tourist minibus

Bremen musicians statue

Another way to get to know the historical center, more comfortable, is taking a tour in a tourist minibus. It is an electric vehicle with capacity for eight people. You can make the reservation in a way on-line or at the Bremen tourist office, in front of the stop where it leaves.

Whatever the choice, we can opt for two routes The main one crosses the historical center and its surroundings. The other leads to the Üeberseestadt, the old port area, which in recent years has become a modern neighborhood for housing and entertainment.

3. Visit Kunsthalle Bremen

Kunsthalle Bremen - Verograph / Wikimedia Commons

It is an art gallery of great importance for the quality of its collection and of the temporary exhibitions it hosts. If you are an art lover, you must reserve time of your visit to Bremen to visit it.

In Kunsthalle Bremen you can admire paintings and sculptures, printed graphic works and media arts that range from the time of the Renaissance to the present.

Of all the works, Especially noteworthy are those related to French and German painting of the 19th century. Works by the impressionists Monet and Cézanne are exhibited here; as well as Corinth, Liebermann or Paula Modersohn-Becker.

4. Learn at the Universum science center

It is one of Bremen's most recent attractions, but it is no less interesting. From the outset it attracts attention for its architecture, but the important thing is inside. Here are 250 interactive exhibits to learn aspects related to science and technology.

5. Know the train station

Bremen train station

Among the things to do in Bremen, one of the most beautiful train stations in the world could not be missed. It is made of red brick and has flourishes in the stone. It was built in the 1870s and, fortunately, survived the bombings of World War II.

6. Disconnect in Rhododedron

Rhododedron Park has 46 hectares. Here you can see up to 3000 different varieties of rhododendrons. It also houses Botanika, a botanical park where you can see typical gardens from various parts of the world, such as Japan or New Guinea.

7. Try Beck's beer, the taste of a trip to Bremen

Germany is one of the most beer countries in the world. Thus,You can't make a trip to Bremen and not try one of the most consumed beers in the country: the Beck's. This can be tasted in most establishments, but also in its factory of origin.

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