Do you like unicorns? Visit Unicorn Cafe

In Bangkok, Thailand, there is an amazing themed restaurant for unicorn lovers. Unicorn Cafe is a space decorated in pastel colors that creates a dreamlike atmosphere, like a fairy tale. Are you interested in meeting him? Come with us to visit this place of authentic fantasy.

Unicorn Cafe It is an establishment located in the Thai capitalIt attracts many visitors. And it is not strange, since its peculiarities are numerous, as we will explain below.

It is an attractive site that has become very popular in social networks, where it is ensured, that in addition to being very beautiful, you eat well and at moderate prices, taking into account the costs of Bangkok. Let's not forget that it is a very tourist city.


If you are visiting Bangkok, you cannot miss this unicorn themed coffee That is so popular. Without a doubt, you will want to take thousands of photos or take your children to a place that will fascinate them for sure.

In this cafe you will find unicorn designs wherever you look: in the decoration of the walls, the ceiling, the tables, in the memories for visitors and, of course, also in the food itself.

At the entrance, a great unicorn welcomes visitors. Then, there are two coffee shops and a living room where you can enjoy the food in a relaxed atmosphere, using furniture that looks like a doll's house, playing with unicorns or buying souvenirs of this mythological animal.

All decoration is in pink and soft blue tones. The textures are soft, bright, the cushions fluffy. This means that every detail invites you to pause in an appropriate environment to relax.

«But is the unicorn a falsehood? It is the sweetest of animals and a noble symbol. »

-Umberto Eco-

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Here every detail is carefully designed. Everything on this site in the capital of Thailand is decorated with the aim of recreating that magical charm of unicorn tales. Fantastic animals that, as we said, also appear in the food.

The pasta on the menu is pastel. Also they waffles and ice creams resemble a rainbow. In addition, the sweets have pink and blue colors, according to the ambient tones. And all the dishes are decorated with fun details.

Quite an attraction

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One of the attractions is to dress up and take pictures in the different coffee areas. There are unicorn costumes that are rented expressly to pose in the photocall. There are also staff available to take the photos and you can use the coffee items to make unique shots.

A very fun place for both children and adults. Definitely, a really curious visit in the city. In fact, the opinions of visitors speak of its charm: "Unique", "A dream", "An incredible place", "It was worth it", "A great place", "A true universe of color and fun", etc.

The only disadvantage seems to be that Do not accept card payments, but there are those who think that the food is more colorful than tasty, and others say it is a bit expensive. But you have to keep in mind that the portions are very large.

An essential visit

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Without a doubt, this is one of those places that are worth knowing, especially for unicorn lovers. But If you are in Bangkok and travel with children, you cannot miss this visit. It is the little ones who are fascinated by being in this place.

And although the site has become very popular on social networks like Instagram, where photos of all of their fans are shared, getting a table is pretty easy. The reason for that is that Unicorn Cafe is more a place to visit than a restaurant. Many happen to just have a drink and take some fun photos on this fantastic site.

It is located at Soi Sathorn 8, Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, you can easily go from Nonsi station, as there is a detailed signage. So you have no excuse to know one of the most unique places in all of Asia, which is not little.

Main picture: @Unicornbrand

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