Travel the world. Do not dream your life live your dreams

Any adventurer worth his salt aims to travel the world. The majority dreams of doing it, but very few decide to take the step. Therefore, from here we encourage you to do it and, in addition, we offer you a kind of guide on how to carry it out. Can you come with us?

Travel the world: plane tickets and accommodation

Before making the adventure of our lives we have to make a series of important decisions. The first thing is to decide if we hire the services of an agency that offers trips around the world or if, on the contrary, we prefer to do it for free.

There is a very interesting third option. You can buy tickets around the world of the three air alliances globally: StarAliance, One World and Skyteam.

As well the route to follow must be taken into account. There are several possibilities, such as the one that passes through London, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and the United States.

The price of airline tickets can vary a lot, between five hundred and forty euros (low cost) at five thousand euros. It all depends on the airlines and the time in which we decide to travel.

Once you bought the tickets, It is advisable to look for the accommodations where we will stay. In this case we also find several possibilities.

You can book in advance or find them as we travel. Better to opt for the second if we are not very clear about the plans, or if we prefer to go to places for backpackers and travelers.

«Tourists do not know where they have been, travelers do not know where they are going.»

-Paul Theroux-

Other aspects that must be taken into account are hiring travel insurance, Get vaccinated as required based on the destinations to be visited and go with the passport in order and the necessary visas.

As well you have to decide what to do with the moneyWell, not all countries have the same currency, if it is better to use a credit card or not, even if they can charge us some kind of commission.

More decisions to make

When traveling around the world we have to carry luggage, and more if it will take as much time as we are organizing. But nevertheless, no need to take the whole house in tow, because during the adventure you can also buy things or wash the clothes that we use where we stay.

It is advisable to think about the suitcase we would take on a week-long adventure. And, following with the luggage, better if we decide to travel the world when the weather is more pleasantWell, summer clothes occupy less than winter clothes.

Further, good temperatures are more recommended when it comes to sightseeing, although of course it is difficult for the same weather conditions to occur in the different destinations we visit.

Already at the destination, You can find an excursion that allows us to know more about the place we are visiting, and thus get the most out of the experience. It only remains to choose one or those that best suit our needs or preferences.

It is also important to think about transportation during the trip. At this point we can spend what we want in buses, trains and other public transport, as well as in taxis; or save by hitchhiking or walking considerable distances with the backpack on your shoulder.

Result: a unique experience

If we have finally decided to travel the world and thus stop dreaming of life to live our dreams, sooner or later we will have to return to the harsh reality. The ideal is to do it having adjusted to the budget that we had and not have spent more than we planned.

On the other hand, although traveling around the world seems almost impossible, we have just seen that it is not. The question is to organize and make a series of decisions based on which destinations we want to know or the money we have available.

One thing is clear, and that is After the adventure we will treasure in our memory a unique experience and difficult to repeat. An experience, in short, that we can never forget. You dare?

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