The cheapest countries to travel, what are they?

When we do not know very well where to go in the next vacation, we tend to analyze a series of factors that will help us decide. As well, One of the most important things is to know which are the cheapest countries to travel. The cheaper, the more we can enjoy our trip, right?

These are the cheapest countries to travel


Erawan National Park

Any capital can have prices very similar to our countries. However, some of the most beautiful places in Thailand, those that appear in magazines, are not in Bangkok or in the big tourist areas, much less. There are wonderful places in the north and south of the country where prices are ridiculous.

Even if you were to spend your holidays in the capital, you would see that the cost is less than that of your country. Although Thailand is one of the fashion destinations, you will only have to avoid the best known areas.

Phuket, Samui or Krabi are the most sought after spots by tourists, but the country has corners even more beautiful than these. You just have to be willing to discover them and it will be very, very cheap.


Raja Ampat in Indonesia

To investigate this country you must flee from the tourist places. Quiet, you will discover even more beautiful corners, because Indonesia has no waste, and its nature and beautiful places have no end. He thinks that the most famous beaches are focused on water sports, something that is not accessible to everyone.

However, if you choose to visit Sumatra or Lombok you will enjoy the same for less. Let yourself go and get lost in its most inhospitable corners and strangers in whom you can meet the authentic Indonesian life.


Angkor wat

Cambodia is becoming fashionable in recent years and many call it 'the new Thailand' because of the great resemblance to that country. Do you know that traveling there is even cheaper than Thailand? You can find temples that will cut your breath, paradisiacal beaches and an enriching culture.

Traveling around the country is extremely cheap. and that way you can take a tour of its culture, its temples, its gastronomy with Gallic touches and its magnificent nature. Because of its proximity to Thailand, and since both countries are very cheap, why don't you visit both at the same time?


Stupa Kathesinbhu in Kathmandu

Just because there are the highest peaks in the world, it is worth a visit. If you are also on the list of cheaper countries to travel, we have no excuse for not going. You can enjoy the paths at the foot of the Himalayas while making stops at teahouses or field to rest. It will be an unforgettable experience, and very cheap ...


Taj Mahal

They say that India is one of those countries that either you hate it or you will love it forever. If you are willing to investigate its background and discover its beauty, you will have found one of the cheapest destinations to travel. Eating, buying fabrics or getting on public transport is really cheap.

You can find a bed to sleep for two euros, even if you don't expect much. Eating will cost you more or less two euros and you can snack between some snacks for 50 cents. Mind you, keep in mind that It is not an easy destination for your first trip for free.


Concepcion Volcano

Central America is characterized by its impressive and lush nature, but also for its ridiculous prices. Of course, as we said at the beginning, cities are always more expensive, although You will notice a price drop in relation to your country.

Blame for this may be for the situation the country has been going through for years, although today it is a more than stable and safe place to travel, as well as cheap. As an option you can visit Costa Rica, which is nearby, or Guatemala and Honduras, which also stand out for being among the cheapest countries to travel.


Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca

If you love South America, Bolivia is your ideal destination because you can sleep for twelve euros or eat for three euros. Further, its nature and places to discover as the Titicaca, have no comparison.

Have you already chosen your favorite destination for the next vacation? In any of these countries you will enjoy, and for less than you might think.

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