The Grand Palace of Bangkok and its mysteries

Located on an island near the Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the largest in Thailand. A fortress considered by many to be a true wonder, one of the most impressive in the world.

The Bangkok Grand Palace It has several buildings, all decorated with spectacular and striking shades that will delight the observer. Under its roof the kings of the Chakri dynasty lived in the past.

Bangkok Grand Palace: the cradle of the city

Bangkok Grand Palace - image focus

Due to its enormous beauty, this urban enclave receives thousands of tourists from all over the planet daily. With a total dimension of more than twenty hectares, The complex has a large central courtyard, several attached temples and impressive gardens deprived from which the king used to dictate his laws and sentences to the court around him.

Upon entering we will encounter the figures of several thotkhirithon warriors, better known as treasure keepers. These sculptures reach an approximate height of five meters and are painted with lots of pigments.

Guardians at the Grand Palace in Bangkok - amadeustx

They are all armed with a great sword They hold with both hands. They are quite intimidating since they seem to be continuously following us with their eyes.

During the rest of the itinerary we will have the opportunity to observe a variety of other representations as, for example, demons dressed in lively cloth that hold the beams with their arms open.

The enclosure is Buddhist style so the towers and walls have beautiful golden tones which are mixed with blues, whites and greens, something very typical in Thai culture.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok and its halls

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Inside this temple, built in the fifteenth century, is the Emerald Buddha, of the one that bears his name. The sculpture, made of jade, is inside the room called Ubosoth, resting on a glass box.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha - THAILAND ONLY

The wise man is sitting in his classic symbolic posture with his legs crossed. Apparently, their clothes are removed and replaced by new ones as the seasons progress. This emblematic allegorical personification is surrounded by lots of images, gifts and offerings that decorate the walls of the room.

"We are in this world to live in harmony. Those who know do not fight each other. »


This place is considered sacred and It is the most respected and visited of all Thailand. Therefore, to access it, it will be mandatory that we take off our shoes.

Royal Pantheon - Wikrom

There are other spaces, such as the Royal Pantheon, who have won fervent adherents. Inside, life-size sculptural representations of the monarchs are kept Who built the palace However, it is only possible to travel through it once a year. In the beginning, this was to be the room that welcomed the effigy of Sidarta Gautama but finally ended up in the Temple Ordination Hall.

Phra Tinang Chakri Maha Prasat, a little history

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, which responds to the intricate nickname of Phra Tinang Chakri Maha Prasat,It was built by the monarch Rama V, fifth in the Chakri Dynasty and also known as Chulaongkorn.

Grand Palace of Bangkok - potowizard

Rama V was a man of modern spirit who, in fact, was the first of his dynasty to travel to Europe. This is the reason for the eccentric decorative combination of the architectural ensemble He decided to lift. Something that can be noticed in flared form of its three towers that are climbed by stairs placed on its sides. The design of the unique gardens also has a surprising mix of features and styles.

The history of this president has become very popular thanks to the legend promoted by Hollywood. Several films have been made about his life and the close relationship he may have had with his English teacher, Miss Anna Leonowens, who wrote entire passages based on his experiences in court.

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