The best destinations for a honeymoon

It is one of those trips that you will remember for a lifetime because you will be living a special moment in your lives. The decision to choose from the thousands of destinations for a honeymoon is nothing easy. We want to give you just some ideas to enjoy unforgettable days.

To make this decision, First you must take into account the type of trip you want to make. There are those who look for paradisiacal beaches to disconnect and rest and there are those who prefer a cultural trip to visit monuments or visit cities. And there is another possibility: combine both options.

Paris, a classic in honeymoon destinations

Eiffel Tower

As the title of a book written by author Nicolas Barreau says, «Paris is always a good idea». The city has all the ingredients to visit it with any excuse.

Being the city of love par excellence, we assure you that You won't have a more romantic trip than this. Walking on the Champs Elysées, climbing the Eiffel Tower or eating a crepe while visiting the Arc de Triomphe, are things you will not forget.

Of course, you can also enjoy the wonderful works of art of the Louvre Museum. Or you can sit down to simply enjoy its wonderful terraces having coffee.If you want to have a honeymoon full of experiences, the French capital is a good choice.

Thailand, an exotic honeymoon

Beach in Phi Phi

The second of the destinations for a wonderful honeymoon is outside Europe, on the Asian continent.Thailand offers a perfect tandem for resting and visiting incredible places. Here you will find corners that will not leave you indifferent because of the cultural contrast they offer.

In the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, impressive palaces and ancient temples await you. And you can also get lost in very unique markets where you can know the goodness of its people.

Once you have toured the city and known all its customs, you can completely change the landscape. In Thailand you will also find wonderful beaches of crystalline waters and celestial colors. And, if you are more adventurous, in the interior of the country you can visit spectacular landscapes.

Maldives Islands, the paradise of rest

Maldives Resort

If the first of our destinations was urban and the second was a mixture between the city and the beaches, the third can only be defined with one word: relax. In a little house raised on the sea you will live a few days "like fish in the water." And is that One of the most important activities of the islands is diving.

Who has not ever dreamed of waking up, getting out of bed and being able to get directly into the sea? The Maldives offer you this possibility. In this paradise you can enjoy white sand beaches and light blue waters completely transparent. A luxury.

New York and Riviera Maya

New York

If the option of choosing Paris as a destination for a honeymoon does not seem enough, currently there is a combination that delights many newly married couples. The proposal is to visit a large city and a place of wonderful beaches on the same trip.

Definitely, the combination of New York and the Riviera Maya is very attractive. You will know the buildings and the bustle of one of the most famous cities on the planet. And then nothing like relaxing on the paradisiacal Mexican beaches.

If you also want to know the Mayan culture, you can visit Chichen Itza, considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world. In Cobá you can climb an ancient pyramid and in Tulum you will discover one of the most famous ysingular Mayan sites, since it is next to the coast.

Destinations for a honeymoon low cost?

Cala Son Bou in Menorca

If for any circumstance on your honeymoon you can not visit any of the places we have talked about, there are also cheaper options, but just as fabulous. Do not forget that the important thing is not so much the destination as enjoying the trip as a couple.

Without leaving Spain there are countless perfect destinations for a honeymoon. You will have the option to rest on the wonderful beaches of the islands. Or you can visit cities full of history and attractions. Not to mention the incredible natural spaces that you can enjoy in one of those rural accommodations full of charm.

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