5 curiosities of the Grand Golden Palace in Bangkok

The Grand Golden Palace in Bangkok is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. Each of the travelers who dare to start the adventure in Thailand visit the monument. A truly unique construction and worthy of admiration. Its color, its dimensions and its buildings shape a truly extraordinary complex.

Are you planning an upcoming trip to Bangkok? Would you like to visit his palace? In that case, stay with us. We will explain some curiosities of Grand Golden Palace of Bangkok. We anticipate one: inside is the magnificent Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

1. The Grand Golden Palace in Bangkok: history

Grand Palace of Bangkok - Pla2na

The history of the Golden Grand Palace in Bangkok is essential to understand its unique architecture. This building was commissioned by the monarch Rama V. The truth is that observing the exterior of the palace we realize the eccentric decoration.

In other words, The mixture of colors and shapes that can be seen in the turrets and stairways form a unique architectural ensemble. This mixture is due to Rama V's interest in everything that had to do with modernity. In fact, he was the first of his dynasty to travel the European continent.

Therefore, the monarch ordered the construction of this modern building in the city of Bangkok. A character and a building that may sound like movie movies. Yes, Rama V had a very close relationship with his children's English teacher, a story on which the feature film script was based Ana and the king.

2. A particular location

Royal Palace - apiguide

This palace is located on an artificially created island in the capital of Thailand. This island is called Rattanakosin and is next to the Chao Phraya River. Specifically, the palace was initially only in the heart of the island. However, over time the palace grew and generously increased its size.

3. A huge size

The extension of the whole of the Grand Golden Palace in Bangkok is currently 218,400 m². Previously, during the first years of its existence, it had fewer buildings. But being the main residence of the monarchs, the extension works were happening and today is a small city.

Thus, in the enclosure where the Grand Golden Palace of Bangkok is located we can observe numerous buildings and various rooms. In fact, the Grand Golden Palace in Bangkok is one of the largest architectural complexes in the country.

4. Unique architecture

Grand Palace - world-photo-ru

The Grand Golden Palace in Bangkok is considered one of the most impressive places in the world. Its architecture is a true wonder. Each of the buildings in this set have unique characteristics. Its shades, forms and architectural lines form a true work of art.

The set of buildings has several places of interest. In addition to the palatial rooms, the Royal Pantheon and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha stand out. In the first one you will see the life-size statues of the first 7 kings of the Chakri dynasty. You can only visit one day a year, on April 6.

5. Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the Emerald Buddha - weerasak saeku

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram It is the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand. Inside the room is the Emerald Buddha, really made of jade and the most revered Buddha figure in the country.

It also highlights the rich ornamentation of the temple, with beautiful mosaics, golden motifs and two gigantic statues at the entrance. We must always show respect and, therefore, we must remove our shoes to access.

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The Bangkok's Grand Golden Palace is a must-see in the city. The peculiar aesthetics and the mixture of styles of the palace leave fascinated all the travelers who visit it. And a recommendation, on weekends there are stays that remain closed, so whenever possible, it should be visited on weekdays.

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