Visit Jim Thompson's house in Bangkok

Jim Thompson's house has become one of the most frequent visits that tourists make Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Because despite the western name of its owner, this is the place where we can get to know the traditional Thai architecture. In addition to many other artistic, craft and cultural traditions of this Southeast Asian people.

How to get to Jim Thompson's house

Jim Thompson's House - Julien /

Bangkok is a gigantic cityThat is why our advice is to be very clear about which sites we want to visit to go directly Because otherwise, the experience in certain areas of the metropolis can be chaotic.

So to head to Jim Thompson's house it is best to take as a reference the National Stadium on Rama I Road, in the capital center. A site, therefore, accessible on the fast and vertiginous Skytrain. But it is also possible to arrive by taxi, risking a traffic jam. Or if you prefer, you can opt for the popular tuk tuk

Who was Jim Thompson?

Interior of Jim Thompson's house

Let's start by remembering the character that gives name to Jim Thompson's house. A most peculiar figure. He was an American architect who volunteered for his country's troops in World War II. And there He was assigned to the intelligence service, that is, a spy.

In this way, For years he completed missions in North Africa and various parts of Europe. Until he fell in Asia. And once there he settled in Thailand.

In that country it remained part of the Information Services, but also started several businesses. Among them the silk. Giving this product worldwide fame and helping the national economy with it.

Jim Thompson's house construction

Jim Thompson's House - Twang_Dunga /

He also benefited greatly from these businesses with silk. So he decided to have a residence in Bangkok at the height of his money. He ordered six typical houses to be brought to the capital. Houses originating in other areas of the country and which, thanks to traditional methods, could be dismantled and rebuilt there in 1959.

In this way, this magnificent architectural complex was built in the heart of the modern city. Some constructions that It is estimated that they can be up to 200 years old.

An architectural and landscape wonder, since everything is integrated into tropical gardens. So even the jungle of the Asian country is inside Jim Thompson's house.

And in those houses He also decided to accumulate a large collection of Asian objects. That is another reason for a visit to Jim Thompson's house.

In the house you can discover an outstanding sample of porcelain, painting, sculpture and crafts from various places in Asia.

The Jim Thompson brand

Jim Thompson Brand Silks

Jim Thompson's house is a business in itself, for the thousands of tourists it receives throughout the year. Some visits that can be done for free to the gardens, but that must be practiced in groups inside the constructions.

By the way, inside there is a restaurant and also a shop where the prestigious fabrics of the Jim Thompson brand are sold, which still today is among the most sought after in the market.

Disappearance of the character

Courtyard of Jim Thompson's house

The truth is that the brand endures and the name of the house too, but Jim Thompson himself does not live. He disappeared in 1967. That year He went on vacation with some friends to Malaysia. But he never came back, nor were their remains found.

Did the wild beasts eat it? Was he killed for business matters? Did you suffer an adjustment of accounts between spies? Or maybe, did he run away and radically change his life with a new identity? It would be a most romantic option.

Y you would have to imagine visiting his incognito home in Bangkok, and discovering that it has become one of the most visited cultural claims of his beloved Thailand.