Strategies for traveling around the world

Taking a trip around the world is one of the greatest dreams of any adventurerThere is nothing like discovering several tourist destinations and on top of one time. Therefore, if you dare to take the step, then we give you a series of strategies that will be useful when organizing everything. Can you come with us?

Hire the services of a specialized agency ...

There are specialized agencies to hire a trip around the world, such as Pasifika, which offers five different routes: the Continental, the Mystic, the Kaleidoscope, the Kontiki Fly & Drive and the Asiana Luxury & Boutique.

The duration, the price and the cities visited vary from one route to another. Therefore, it is about choosing the one that we like the most, the one that takes us to the largest number of places we want to visit.

Another is Catai, which also offers various options - eight, in total - to go around the world, like the one that allows you to do it through a cruise and thus get to know Chile, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. It lasts forty-six days and is around nine thousand euros.

... or plan the trip on your own

In case we do not want to have the services of any agency to go on a trip around the world, we can always organize it by ourselves. For it, first we have to decide the route to follow, like the one that passes through London, Dubai, Borneo, Bangkok, Singapore, the Cook Islands, New Zealand and the United States.

Once we have opted for a route It's time to buy the plane tickets. The price can range between six hundred and five thousand euros. If we want to pay less we have to opt for companies low cost like Ryanair and travel in an era with little tourist influx.

However, it is easier to buy the Round The World plane voucher, which includes up to sixteen tickets, is valid for one year and is offered by the three global air alliances: One World, SkyTeam and Star Alliance. The price depends on the mileage, but goes from one thousand five hundred to five thousand euros.

As for accommodation, we can book it before embarking on the adventure or during the trip. It all depends on our preferences. The first option is ideal for those who want to take everything organized in advance and the second, for those, for example, who prefer to stay in places for travelers.

On a trip around the world take only what is necessary with you

As with any other trip, we must take some luggage with us. However, that it is a trip around the world does not mean that we go with the house in tow. And it is that during the adventure you can also buy what we need or wash the clothes we wear where we stay.

It is advisable to go around the world at a time when temperatures are pleasant. Warm clothes take up much more luggage space than summer. However, it is difficult for all the countries we visit to have the same climate. Likewise, you should check the weather before embarking on the adventure.

«Dreams are not to be fulfilled. They are to be lived. »

-Herman Zapp-

Find out about the sites you are going to visit

When we travel,we must take into account a number of aspects, as if we have to get vaccinated against some disease. The best way to know is by searching for information on the Internet or by consulting the health personnel of the International Vaccination Center of our city.

Another nuance to keep in mind is money. And it is impossible that the different countries that we visit around the world have the same currency, so we can choose to change it before starting the adventure, to do it already in place or to use the credit card, even if it implies They charge us some kind of commission.

With all this you can see that going around the world is not as difficult as it may seem. You just have to follow a series of strategies. Then you just have to enjoy the greatest traveling experience you can live.

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