A cruise in the Arab Emirates, do you dare?

A cruise in the Arab Emirates is one of the most unique trips you can do. The Emirates receive more and more visitors, so the cruise offer is wide. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the main focuses of tourism and the two largest cities. Most ships leave their ports to begin an intense itinerary. You want to know more?

The cruise in the Arab Emirates

Each cruise is different and has its own characteristics. They vary according to destinations, the time of the year in which they are carried out, to whom it is addressed, etc.The cruises we found in the Arab Emirates could be defined with one word: luxury.

These types of cruises have nothing to envy to five-star hotels. The companies that offer themthey have equipped ships with all kinds of comforts in the cabins, in the gastronomic field and in the services they offer. For this reason, they are among the favorites of cruise ship lovers.

Whatever the boat, the cities are the real protagonists. We have one hour to enjoy them, before getting back on track. In this article we tell you the most visited cities by tourists and their secrets. Do not lose detail, we begin our itinerary!

Abu Dhabi

View of Abu Dhabi - anderm

We can say that, of all the ports where you stop on a cruise in the Arab Emirates, this is the most important. The city of Abu Dhabi is a miracle emerged from the sand.

In this beautiful city, modern and traditional coexist, mosques and skyscrapers. All this, in the middle of the desert.

Take the stopover at the port to discover the magic of the capital of the United Arab Emirates.Feel free to visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Either on your own or through an excursion, this imposing mosque with 82 domes is one of the tourist points that we cannot miss from Abu Dhabi.

The artificial island of Yas, 25 km², is another tourist attraction. It houses attractions such as the Yas Marina Circuit, which hosts the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, or the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park, a Warner Bros. theme park.


Burj Khalifa

It is the second most important port and receives the visit of thousands of tourists throughout the year. This, together with the good weather, makes Dubai a privileged destination.It is a city of contrasts: the tallest skyscrapers in the world next to an endless and silent desert.

The stop in this city, which houses incredible places, will make us live a unique experience. Here you can admire the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Or you can dream of staying in a 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab

In addition to that, you must approach Palm Jumeirah, an artificial palm-shaped archipelago. In short, Dubai is an amazing city that will leave you with a good taste and eager to return.


The Pearl in Doha

The capital of Qatar is also included in the itinerary of most cruises. Maintaining the essence of the Arab Emirates, the souks and skyscrapers merge in the city. The old souk, the Corniche or promenade, the financial zone ...

Doha has many tourist places but, without a doubt, La Perla is one of the favorite spaces. This artificial island, similar to that of Dubai, hosts five-star hotels, luxury shopping centers, villas full of mansions, etc. Cars and yachts fill the streets and the port. Wherever you look, you will see luxury.


Musandam Fjord - Phil Norton / Flickr.com

This city, in the Oman region, is visited by many cruise ships. Further, It is a very popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor activities. Hiking, diving or a 4 × 4 ride, are some examples of the excursions that we can hire.

But the most interesting we will see from the boat: the fjords. Steep cliffs and rocky inlets leave us a unique landscape. Many cruises border the fjords for spectacular views. It is amazing how ships skip the imposing rock walls that surround them. A true show.

As you see, taking a cruise in the Arab Emirates can be a fascinating experience. You will discover incredible cities where luxury and ostentation are shown in each of its corners.

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