The 7 best sites in Dubai that you can't miss

The enormous wealth of Dubai, and in general of the Arab Emirates, has transformed what were small towns on the shores of the Persian Gulf into great cities. Cities where everything tends to show off, and that is its tourist value. There are Dubai sites, buildings and unique attractions because of their size, by its weight or by its budget. Which? Next we count it.

The origin of the current Dubai

Dubai - Alex DROP /

But before reviewing the sites in Dubai that you cannot miss, we should understand the reason for such an amount of luxury and waste. The reason is none other than the capricious presence of gas and oil in this area of the world.

That is the origin of everything, and from there the sheikhs of these emirates have entered a competition for owning the most spectacular things on the planet. Spend what it takes in its construction and that attracts visitors, to be able to be with a very, very healthy economy. And so it is in Dubai.

The Dubai sites most amazing

This is a place that always surprises and leaves no one indifferent. It is, among other things thanks to these Dubai sites, simply spectacular.

1. The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - BS1920 /

Possibly, the great emblem of the lavish buildings is the Burj Khalifa tower, which It has become the great reference of the futurist skyline from Dubai.

How high is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai? It has, neither more nor less, than 828 meters. It gives vertigo to think about it. However, if it does not scare you, you can access to its upper viewpoint and contemplate the city at your feet.

2. The Jumeirah Palm

Jumeirah Palm - Jag_cz

The other great image of tourism in Dubai is a horizontal construction. Yes, because Jumeirah Palm It is an artificial archipelago of islands that if observed from the sky offers the vision of a gigantic palm tree in the sea.

In this palm there are endless accommodations, artificial beaches and private ports. In short, everything a tourist with a lot of money can want. And if there isn't, just ask for it and of course pay it.

3. The Burj Al Arab hotel

Burj Al Arab - keerthichn /

Very close to Jumeirah Palm there is another accommodation. But it is not for anyone, it is the beautiful Burj Al Arab hotel. Its exterior architecture in the form of a candle deserves a quiet contemplation.

Although, as for its interior, not everyone can enjoy it. Only one fact. It is the only seven star hotel in the world. A category invented for him.

"Luxury is a need that begins when the need ends."

-Coco Chanel-

4. Madinat Jumeirah

Marina Jumeirat - BS1920 /

Next to that hotel you must also see the Madinat Jumeirah. A portion of the city that claims to evoke the appearance of an old Arab medina, although we could hardly think that wide channels run through its streets. Well, there are.

Actually, it is a modern souk which acquires its best color at night for its much entertainment in bars and restaurants.

5. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek - LM TP /

This other place in Dubai that refers us to its past, when it was a small port that linked the desert and the sea. It is an area that can be traveled by sailing in traditional boats. And the contrast cannot be greater, between what that area was and the repertoire of modern architecture that it offers today.

6. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall - Jason Mrachina /

The concept of tourism in Dubai is quite particular. The idea of ​​the promoters is to provoke astonishment in their visitors, but also to encourage them to shop. A sample is the Dubai Mall, simply, The largest shopping center on the planet.

Without a doubt, given the weather of Dubai, the stay during the day must be covered. And one of the favorite places is the Dubai Mall, where you can not only shop. Here are all kinds of shows and activities.

An example, on the ground floor is the Dubai Aquarium, which, of course, with its volume of 10 million liters is the largest in the world.

7. Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain - Benny Marty

And we will end another site that you can not miss during a trip to Dubai: its incredible fountains between the aforementioned Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. Of course, the Dubai Fountain is the largest dancing fountain on the globe, and offers its audiovisual shows every day, at sunset.

A must date that, like all the places in Dubai that are contemplated, it provokes admiration, but also some other reflection.