The most typical meals of each country, a delicious trip

Each nation has its own cuisine. Because We want to show you the most typical foods of each country They can serve as representation. It is clear that gastronomy cannot be limited to a single dish, but it is a way to get into it.

Know the most typical foods of each country

Next, we know the most typical foods of each country. We begin a journey that takes us all over the planet. Obviously, we will not see all, but the most significant.

Poland (zapiekanka)

Zapiekenka - AnnaTamila

This dish is a mushroom toast with toast And a lot of cheese. Polish food contains a multitude of delicacies and this is one of them.

Philippines (banana cue)

It is a banana that is fried and covered with caramelized sugar. We will agree that it is not the best if you want to maintain a diet, but how rich is it?

Belgium (stoofvlees)

We are facing a stew of meat with beer and the most normal thing is to dip the sauce with a slice of bread always soaked in good mustard.

Egypt (koshary)

Koshari - Robert /

A most varied dish that has macaroni, chickpeas, rice and brown lentils to which fried onion and tomato sauce are added. All this is a lot of carbohydrates, but it is simply delicious ...

El Salvador (pupusa)

They are very thick corn tortillas which are similar to crepes and that are stuffed with ingredients such as beans, meat or cheese.

Finland (taunt)

In this case, it's about tasty buns that taste like cardamom and that they are covered with chopped hazelnut.

Brazil (Brigadeiro)

Brigadeiro - Claudia_midori /

Condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter. Everything is mixed until the paste hardens enough to form balls. It is also possible to eat the whole hot mixture with a spoon.

Dominican Republic (Dominican sancocho)

This is a cassava stew and that it has ripe bananas that are served on special occasions.

Ireland (spice bag)

What does this dish have? It is a combination of chips, chicken, pepper and spices, mixed in a bag.

United States (cheese gratin with tomato soup)

We are facing a cheese sandwich passed through the pan to toast the bread and that it is crispy, where the cheese is soft and melted and that is perfect if you dip it in a bowl where there is creamy tomato soup.

Indonesia (bakso kuah)

Bakso kuah - Alpha /

It is a broth that is made with some vegetables, meatballs and noodles. A basic meal, but most desirable in those latitudes.

South Africa (Mauve Pudding)

His own name says so It is a spongy pudding with apricot jam, It is served with custard or liquid cream on top.

Austria (Viennese schnitzel)

They are thin breaded beef fillets and fried in clarified butter. They are usually served with a tasty potato salad.

Hong Kong (wonton noodles)

There are several varieties in the region, but in Hong Kong They are served on a plate of spring noodles in a very hot broth with boiled shrimp meatballs and all coated with chives. If you also taste it with a jet of chili oil, better than better.

United Kingdom (English breakfast)

English breakfast - Ruckers /

Traditional English breakfasts They are blunt. They are usually composed of bacon, hollows, sausages, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and even in some cases potato croquettes.

India (dhaat)

This dish also has many varieties, but usually made with fried dough, chickpeas and crispy fried bread, adding yogurt on top.

South Korea (sundubu ijigae)

In this country this spicy stew made in soft tofu is typical, but sometimes you can also bring seafood or meat.

A huge variety

Sushi - Nile /

You have already seen a good sample of the most typical foods of each country, at least some. Dishes ranging from the most forceful for breakfast or lunch to the most succulent desserts.Each area of ​​the planet opts for some types of meals, although there are geographical regions that usually bet on more similar dishes.

It's always good to try new things. When traveling abroad whenever possible, we recommend trying the local cuisine, as it is an excellent way to learn more about the culture and life in each country.

«If you reject food, ignore customs, fear religion and avoid people, you better stay at home.»

-James Michener-

Going to a fast food chain in India or Brazil is a lost opportunity to know what the cuisine of each nation has to offer. Dare with the most typical foods of each country!

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