Books to dream about traveling: 7 essential readings

Literature has always been a source of inspiration and a door to new worlds.There are many books to dream about traveling and that will take you to beautiful, inhospitable, fantastic places... We want to talk about them, and not only that, but encourage you to read them, if you have not done so yet.

There is no better way to meet new places than reading. So that none is left in oblivion, this book guide to dream about traveling will allow you to discover your next destinations, in addition to offering you a pleasant reading.

Books to dream about traveling

We all know books describing wonderful places, some imaginary and some real. How many times we would like to be in that place that describes, in those forests, those beaches.In this guide we will put at your disposal books that will help you decide your next destination.

It will not be easy to choose, but we want you to know at least some books that will make you dream of traveling. Have a good read!

1. Around the world in 80daysby Julio Verne

Hong Kong Bay

In this guide book to dream about traveling could not miss this classic. The fantastic story that tells the adventures of Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout. Undoubtedly, It is one of the best travel literature novels.

From London to Paris, from Calcutta to Hong Kong, this great novel describes incredible landscapes and adventures for the 10 countries where the trip takes place.

2. The adventure of travelingby Javier Reverte

In this book the author tells his adventures. Always detailing from his childhood trips to the war chronicles that took him all over the world.

He also narrates his experiences as a backpacker, which led him to know some of the most inhospitable places and far from the world. From its passage through the lands of Asturias to adventures through Guadarrama and, even, its passage through the Colombian Caribbean will make this book a very enriching reading.

«The adventure of traveling consists in being able to live as an extraordinary event the daily life of other people in places far from your home.»

-Javier Reverte-

3. Seven years in Tibetby Heinrich Harrer

Lhasa Monastery

Well-known mountaineer and Olympic ski champion, was surprised by World War II on an expedition by the Himalayas. After being arrested and fleeing from India, he arrived in Tibet and the forbidden city of Lhasa.

Here he stayed seven years, living with that unknown people and their customs. In this book he tells the wonderful places and the breathtaking views thanks to its location in the center of the Tibetan plateau.

4. The doctorby Noah Gordon

East best seller describes the thrilling life of an English doctor. This runs through Persian lands where it describes beautiful places in the city of Ispahan, the third largest city in Iran.

Through the novel we will know its customs, its inhabitants but especially monuments. We must highlight the Naghsh-i Jahar square or the Great Mosque of Isfahan, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

5. The patrimony of humanityfrom Unesco

Petra in Jordan

Another of the books to dream about traveling. It contains descriptions and maps of the almost one thousand World Heritage Sites of Unesco. It is a unique guide that will allow us to know the most famous places in the world and others less known.

Enter your pages we can find the ancient Nabatean city of Petrain Jordan; the legendary Acropolis of Athens and even a small town of El Jem, in Tunisia.

6. The return of the 25by Marc Serena

The journalist Marc Serena tells us about his curious trip through 25 countries where he interviews 25 young people. Young people of all kinds: a Chinese environmentalist, a Peruvian shaman, a Filipino fisherman ... Thus, he tells the unique and different way of each young person according to the place where he is born and allows to know the culture and education of each country.

7. Ebonyby Ryszard Kapuściński

Mount Kilimanjaro

This writer of Belarusian origin is one of the best reporters of the century. In this book he delights us with his experience in the African continent. Ryszard avoids the best-known places and goes deep into Africa.

During his stay there he lived in humble houses, with very poor and sick people, even having near death experiences. All these experiences make this book a brutal realism and get us into the complex reality of Africa. Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ethiopia or Rwanda are some of the places it describes.

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