How much does it cost to travel to China, an approximate budget

China is one of the tourist destinations most demanded by tourists every year. However, before taking the step and establishing our budget, we must stop to think how much it costs to travel to the Asian country. Then, We explain, in broad strokes, the main expenses that you will have to face if you want to travel to China. Can you come with us?

Currency exchange to travel to China


In the first place, we must bear in mind that in China a completely different currency than ours is used: the Yuan, also called Renmimbi, which is equivalent to about thirteen cents. However, this cannot be obtained in our country of origin, so You can change currency as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Another option is to take the credit card and withdraw money at an ATM. The commission will depend on the bank, but it is usually four percent. It should also be taken into account that In many establishments you can only pay in cash, hence it is necessary to always carry enough money on top.

Given the two possibilities, it is best to combine both. That is to say,It is convenient to take half of the money we will need in cash and change it to the local currency at the airport bank. The rest you can get out of cashier as you need it. This operation is simpler in big cities like Beijing.

Transportation and accommodation expenses

High speed train in Shanghai

Flights to China are around 650 to 900 euros. It all depends on the company we travel with, the delay in buying the tickets or the time of the year in which you decide to travel.

From June to October are good months to visit the Asian country, although the low season is the one that runs between November and March.

Once in the country, especially if we are going to move from one city to another, We will have to resort to other means of transport such as the train. Tickets can be purchased on-site or previously online, as on the China Ticket Online website, so that everything is organized before arriving in the country.

Paying attention to prices, for a ten-day route, internal transport would go to eight hundred and fifty yuan (one hundred euros) per person. The two-week one, two thousand five hundred yuan (three hundred euros). And the three-week, four thousand nine hundred yuan (five hundred and eighty euros).

Regarding accommodation, like the flight, it depends on the time chosen, but also on the city we visit and the type of hotel establishment. For example, a double room can cost about three hundred and fifty yuan a night (forty-one euros). There are also cheaper options.

Other expenses on a trip to China

Hong Kong

In addition to transportation and accommodation, When traveling to China, other expenses, such as a visa, must be taken into account, mandatory unless the chosen destination is Hong Kong or Macao. The one that interests us is the L visa, because the Z is only for those who need it for work. This allows one or two tickets in the country and costs about sixty euros.

If you want to have Internet you have to hire additional services such as portable Wi-Fi. It is also interesting to have a VPN, which allows, among other things, to visit web pages that are censored in the country (Facebook, Instagram, Google ...). The first round one hundred and thirty euros and the second, twelve euros.

Logically, we will also have to allocate a part of the budget to food expenses, which can be reduced to one hundred one hundred yuan (thirteen euros) per day and person; and those of the tourist activities that allow us to know better the wonderful Asian country (one hundred yuan or twelve euros per day and person).

Therefore, and as we have seen, The cost of traveling to China depends on many factors that are left to the decision of each one. If we want to spend two to three weeks we can easily budget with one thousand five hundred or two thousand euros.

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