We contemplate the "skyline" of Hong Kong Bay

Hong Kong Bay is one of the most photogenic that can be visited in the world. A spectacular architectural ensemble that also seems to be wrapped in a different atmosphere. Something that is undoubtedly the most appropriate, taking into account the peculiar history and unique conditions that distinguish it from any other corner of China.

Save the hong kong bay

Hong Kong Bay - Bernard Spragg. NZ / Flickr.com

The Hong Kong territory currently includes several islands, and it is the largest that gives name to the whole group. But part of the continental territory is also included, especially the Kowloon peninsula, which is a short distance away. In fact, from it you can see the best view of the famous skyline from the bay of Hong Kong.

We'll talk to you about the best place to take that picture, but now we'll tell you how to cross Hong Kong Bay, since one can stay both in the modern area of ​​the island and in the streets of Kowloon. And the best way to save that distance is in ferry.

Star ferry

Hong Kong Bay - Alex Chen / Flickr.com

Those ferries They are those of the historic Star Ferry fleet. In just a quarter of an hour it crosses from one shore to another, and at a very reasonable price. In fact, it is considered to be the best value-for-money boat trip in the world.

And it is not only cheap, but the tour is the most special, contemplating on one side and another a unique architectural ensemble.

The seafront of Tsim Sha Tsui East

Hong Kong from Vistria Harbor - estherpoon

In Kowloon there is no possible loss to go to this promenade, which It is the best place to see Hong Kong Bay, also known as Victoria Harbor.

At any time of day or night there will be tourists, taking the most emblematic photo of the place and capturing the infinite details of light and color that provides the fusion of the blue of the sea with the skyscrapers.

During the day it is as best you can see those architectures, whose modernity still attracts more attention when the bay of Hong Kong is crossed by some traditional Chinese vessel, with its large sail cut over the steel and glass buildings.

But at night, the views are equally spectacular. Then all those architectural details are no longer appreciated, but there is a most suggestive light show. A place to relax and dream about the future, while viewing the illuminated silhouettes of the most emblematic buildings of the Hong Kong Bay.

HSBC Building

HSBC Building - The Climate Group / Flickr.com

Undoubtedly, of all the monumental and contemporary complex of Hong Kong Bay, the most charismatic and praised is the building that Norman Foster built to be the headquarters of the Shanghai Bank. A building that is one of the great works of art of the late twentieth century.

«What design is all about is that going there becomes an experience. The architect should work with the environment, with the landscape. »

-Norman Foster-

Bank of China Tower

After Foster's work, others would arrive, but of course the most spectacular is the Bank of China Tower. A large tower built with triangles and crystals, which has become another benchmark in the silhouette of Hong Kong Bay.

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong - ESB Professional

We have already presented two ideal places to contemplate the skyline from the bay, both almost at sea level, both aboard the Star Ferry and from the Kowloon waterfront. Well, now We propose you to enjoy that same panorama, but from an elevated point of view.

For it Take the Peak Tram, a tram that rises up the mountain that closes Hong Kong Bay. Once that slope is easily and quickly saved, we can only climb to the top and the Peak Tower.

A trip worthwhile, since we will see from the heights Hong Kong, one of the most exciting and dynamic urban complexes on the entire planet.

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