Everything you need to know before traveling to Israel

There are very different opinions about traveling to Israel, but we want to give you a list of reasons and advice why you should consider this trip. If you are a lover of religious tourism, or just looking to meet new cultures, it will be a really interesting destination. Now we only have to finalize the details before leaving. Here are our tips!

Israel, historical and religious destiny

Jaffa Street

In the Hebrew Bible, Israel is the Promised Land. This region would occupy a wide strip from the coast of Egypt to the banks of the Euphrates. It is the Fertile Crescent, where civilizations as important as Mesopotamian were born.

The area had a remarkable wealth to live, due to the sea and, also to the Nile river on whose margins grew another outstanding civilization: the Egyptian.

Y Jerusalem, the current capital of Israel, is located in this vast historical region. A city of enormous symbolism for the Christian, Muslim and Jewish religions. A place of worship of religion and a World Heritage city.

Tips for traveling to Israel

There are many opinions regarding traveling to Israel or not. There are versions of all types, and the first question we ask is whether it is safe. It is the reason that generates a certain distrust among those who think that it is an unstable place.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Esplanade of the Mosques in Jerusalem

Despite the political circumstances, the streets are safe, especially for tourists. There are security forces watching civilians at all times. On the streets you can see controls and intense surveillance to avoid any type of incident.

Security, therefore, is no excuse for not traveling to Israel. In fact, Every year three to four million tourists visit the country and many of them dream of coming back.

Remember, yes, that you are traveling to a foreign country, so you have to be very respectful. Try not to bother its inhabitants and be clear that you are passing through: you just want to know their treasures. Nothing else. Finally, we recommend you not to enter the conflict zones and stay in the tourist areas.

What to visit in Israel?

Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

As we have already mentioned, the most recommended place when traveling to Israel is its capital. Jerusalem is a place of enormous significance for the world's most important religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. And it is a multicultural city where you can see the mix of religions and customs.

In Jerusalem you have to visit its historic center and see the Mount of Olives, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.

After leaving Jerusalem, We advise you to visit Tel Aviv, a more modern city, with direct access to the sea, skyscrapers and hundreds of things to do. Finally, to close your visit with a flourish, nothing like approaching the mythical Dead Sea and bathing in its waters.

If your visit is also for religious reasons, you can visit cities like Belén, especially in the Christmas season. Although, yes, the best times to travel to Israel are spring and autumn, especially for time.

How to get?

Tel Aviv View

From Madrid and Barcelona there are direct flights to Israel. They usually last about four and a half hours, approximately. Once there, they will give you the visa without paying and you can move freely. Just remember to bring your passport in order!

And before flying, you may have a small interview. They will ask you what the reason for your trip is and evaluate if what you say is true. Don't worry, they are safety questions. You travel for tourism and to know new places, there is nothing that can happen.

These are the tips we can give you to travel to Israel. Remember to bring the papers in order, the protected luggage and be very respectful of others. But, above all, you must prepare to enjoy a very attractive destination. Traveling to Israel is something that is not done every day!

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