Jerusalem, between faith and rich history

While you may think that to go to the Israeli capital you must be Jewish, Christian or Muslim, tourism is designed for people of all religions. The city has centuries of history and, although it is a complicated place in relation to who should belong, the truth is that you can travel without problems to know it. If you plan to go to Jerusalem, your culture and nuances will amaze you. Do not miss the opportunity to travel this amazing and important destination!

Practical data to travel to Jerusalem

Also called Jerusalem, Yerushalayim (in Hebrew) and Al-Quds (in Arabic), It is located 50 kilometers from Tel Aviv, where the largest international airport in Israel is located. To get from Egypt or Jordan you can also opt for the road.

Jerusalem - Alexandra Lande

Millions of people visit the city of Jerusalem every year for religious but also cultural reasons. The Palestinians claim the right to install in it the capital of the country, which today is located in Ramallah.

The city is divided into two very different parts: east and west. In the first one the Jews prevail and in the second the Palestinians. It is important that you know it for several reasons, for example because on sabbath day (from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) shops in the east area are closed by religion.

Tower of David - Aleksandar Todorovic

You can visit almost all the attractions such as Bethlehem, the Mount of Olives and the Old City because most of the means of transport are driven by the Palestinians. However, the Dead Sea, Masada and Ein Karem and even arriving at the airport will be more complicated, since you will not find buses or taxis to take you. And if you find any transport service they will charge you more expensive! Thus,organize your stay in such a way that on Friday and Saturday you walk through the west side.

Old City of Jerusalem - Alexandra Lande

Regarding visas and passport, keep in mind that to enter the country you must answer an interrogation and, on departure, once the seal of Israel is received, the document will no longer be valid to enter countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon and Malaysia (keep this in mind if you plan to travel to these places later because you must process a new passport).

What to visit in Jerusalem?

Having said the most important aspects for the organization of the trip ... to plan the rides! We show you the safety pins of this beautiful city:

Old City

It is divided into 4 neighborhoods according to the religions of the inhabitants. It encompasses the main attractions and sacred places for Judaism (the Western Wall), Christianity (the Holy Sepulcher) and Islam (the Esplanade of the Mosques, with the Dome of the Rock).

Church of the Holy Sepulcher - Martin Froyda

You can also visit several churches, synagogues, shrines and temples. Don't miss the Via Dolorosa, which crosses the Muslim quarter and ends in the Christian zone.

The fourth neighborhood of the old part of Jerusalem is the Armenian Which, of course, is worth knowing.

«If I forget you, O Jerusalem, lose my right hand his skill. My tongue sticks to my palate, if I don't remember you; If I do not exalt Jerusalem as a matter of preference for my joy. "

-Psalm 137: 5-6-

Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives - David Ionut

It is on the outskirts of Jerusalem and is mainly chosen by Catholics and Muslims, since they also believe in the figure of Jesus as a prophet.

During your walk on the Mount of Olives be sure to visit the churches Pater Noster, Dominus Flevit, of All Nations and of Mary Magdalene; the chapel-mosque of the Ascension, the Tomb of the Virgin Mary and the garden of Gethsemane.

Mount zion

Church of the Dormition - S1001

In this place are the churches of the Dormition and that of St. Peter and the Cenacle Abbey. For Judaism it is important because David's tomb is located there.

As if all this were not enough during your stay in Jerusalem (where emotions will be in full bloom) you can do various excursions for the day, lThe most prominent sites are Belén, with its Grotto de la Leche and the Campo de los Pastores; Elin Karem, a mountain town with several churches, museums and convents; the Dead Sea and Masada, to learn about the history of this region and enjoy the beaches and caves.

ยกIt is worth spending a few days in these sacred lands and learn a lot about historical facts, culture and religion!

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