How to get from the airport to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv

From the airport to Jerusalem there are approximately 40 kilometers, and it is the same airfield that we will use if we wish to reach Tel Aviv. This is the Ben Gurion International Airport. It is the main one in Israel and is located between the two largest cities in the Hebrew state. While it is true that it is really closer to Tel Aviv, since it is about 15 kilometers away.

Go from the airport to Jerusalem

The truth is that although the distance of 40 kilometers from the airport to Jerusalem is considerable, there are multiple ways to save them, both by road and by train. Even though in the case of the railroad there are no direct trains from the airport to Jerusalem. So it is necessary to go through the Tel Aviv railway station before to make a transfer.

From the airport to Jerusalem by car

Jerusalem view

That said, it seems that to go from the airport to Jerusalem, or vice versa, it is best to do it by road And here we have different options.

The one that comes to mind, would be to go by taxi. Well, of course it is possible to do so, but we must warn you that the taxi is the most expensive means of transport Of how many we can choose. Although it is also possible to be the fastest and most comfortable.

Something similar can be said about rental cars. A very interesting option to move during our holidays in Israel. On the other hand, if we go from the airport to Jerusalem it is more than possible that we begin our trip here, and that we spend several days in this city, in which we really do not recommend the use of the car.

"The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world, it is more, it is the history of the earth and the sky."

-Benjamin Disraeli-

Other means of transport

Jerusalem Bus Station - Terazzo /

Another way to go from the airport to Jerusalem is by public bus. This is a fairly economical option. There is a regular line, with frequencies of one hour that connects the Ben Gurion International Airport with the Central Station of Jerusalem.

Y the last way to go from the airport to Jerusalem is by sherut. What are the sherut? They are shared taxis and are extraordinarily popular in the country. These cars make their routes with already established stops, and if you want to take one when leaving the airport to go to the city, you must go to its corresponding stop in Arrivals Hall.

Meanwhile, to make the trip backwards it will be necessary to book a day in advance and go to the closest stop to your hotel. Without a doubt, this is a good option. As regards the price, It is a little more expensive than the bus, but the displacement is made in a much more comfortable way.

Go from the airport to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv View

We have already said that Ben Gurion airport is shared by the two major cities of Israel, and that the closest is Tel Aviv. So this shift is shorter and it can be done in the same means of transport that we have recommended before.

But in this case, everything is faster. To give you an idea, on the public bus that also has time frequency, the city trip to the airfield can take 20 minutes. Although with the usual traffic of Tel Aviv it is usually extended to half an hour.

Y Another important difference is that of the train, which in this case is directly to the airport. Although, both in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem, the railway station is very far from the center, where more than possibly you have your hotel. That is why sometimes you have to invest too much time to reach it. So it is better to resort to sherut or to a traditional taxi.

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